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50+ Date Night Ideas for $10 or Under in Wichita Kansas

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Here is the ultimate list of date night ideas for $10 and under. Not all special data have to expensive. We got creative and made a list for you and your sweetheart to help you have a special date on a budget. Wichita has a lot to offer for couples of all ages and hitting up these local locations makes it much more special.

Whether you’re single or married, going out on a date can be expensive – especially if you only think in terms of the traditional “dinner and a show” type date night. (Love is grand, but should it really cost a grand to spend some quality time with your sweetie?) 

50 Date Night Ideas Under $10 in Wichita

50 + Date Night Under $10 Wichita: 

See a MovieA trip to the movies doesn’t have to be expensive. Check out the deals at your nearest theater, grab some snacks from home, and enjoy a date at the movies.

Visit the Keeper of the Plains – The Wichita icon is FREE to visit.

Share a MilkshakeWhether it be at a diner or Sonic, there’s always something romantic about sharing a milkshake. Here are some ideas for where with some prices:

  • Braum’s – large shake for $3.89
  • Sonic – large shake for $3.95
  • Papa’s General Store – All extreme shakes $12.95 (Over $10 but definitely worth it)
  • Freddy’s – large shake for $5.49
  • Milkfloat – shakes $6
  • Spangles – large shakes $5.89

Sam’s Club Hotdog Combo – Sam’s Club just announced they will be offering a hotdog combo for only $1.38. Do you have to be a member to get the DEAL at Sam’s Club? Sam’s Club said no membership is needed to purchase the lower-priced hot dog combo! 

  • Click HERE for more info about the combo meal deal 
  • 2 meals for $2.76 + tax 

Arcade All Stars Arcade

  • 4 Tokens: $1.00
  • 20 Tokens: $5.00
  • 40 Tokens: $10.00

Where to Walk and Bike – Take your honey and explore these walking trails in Wichita. 

Visit the Wichita Sedgwick County Historical Museum on Sunday

Visit a Park and Fly a Kite

Play Mini Golf – Get competitive with a classic mini-golf date

Visit the Wichita Art Musums Permanent Collection – This is FREE 

Have a Coffee Date 

Dollar Tree Movie Night

  • Head to your nearest Dollar store, grab some snacks and popcorn, and head home for a fun night in. 

Relationship Time Capsule A great date idea for an anniversary or a random date night that can bring back lots of beautiful memories.

What you need: A box (You can find one at the dollar store)

Things to put in the capsule:

  • Photos
  • Love letters
  • Household item
  • Money
  • A gift for your partner
  • Souvenirs from a date

Wichita Flea Market – This is a monthly Flea Market in and around Wichita with typically over 200 local and regional vendors. Perfect for “one-stop” shopping. 

First Friday Art Show – The Art Crawl allows the public to enjoy art and light refreshments at art galleries, museums, restaurants, and other venues all over Wichita. It is Free to attend

Visit Great Plains Nature Center – They have a FREE indoor museum

Chicken N Pickle – for some of their FREE activities: 

  • FREE Bingo on Sundays!
  • FREE to bring your Dog
  • FREE Games in the Courtyard
  • FREE Monday Night Trivia
  • FREE Singo on Tuesdays (singing bingo) 
  • FREE Watch Parties
  • FREE Holiday Events (Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more) 
  • FREE March Madness
  • FREE Live Music
  • FREE DJ on the Rooftop 
  • How to Experience Chicken N Pickle on a Budget 

Riverside Kansas Wildlife Exhibit

  •  Pro Tip: At the FREE outdoor Zoo, they do feeding at noon every day! Yes, you can see FREE animal feeding every day.
  • This zoo has the wonderful Central Riverside Park near it and the park spans over 50 acres. Pack a lunch and make an afternoon of it. 
  • Kansas Wildlife Exhibit 

Game Night Game night can always bring some laughs (and competitiveness, of course).

  • Get out a deck of cards
  • Board games around the house
  • Family Feud online (My favorite pastime)
  • Buzzfeed Quizzes

Take a Hike Wichita has some beautiful parks to walk around so might as well go explore and have some good conversation.

  • Sedgwick County Park
  • Redbud Trail
  • Pawnee Prairie Nature Park
  • Great Plains Nature Center
  • MANY more are found here on our website!

Visit the Farmers Market – Enjoy the Free live music and walk about, 

Farmers Markets around town:

  • Old Town
  • Kansas Grown
  • Haysville Hometown Market
  • Derby Kansas Grown
  • For more information on dates and times, visit Farmers Markets in Wichita

Attempt to Break a Guinness World Record Beatable records:

  • Most marshmallows eaten in one minute (current record: 25)
  • Fastest time to place 24 cans in a refrigerator (current record: 9.76 seconds)
  • Most coins stacked into a tower in 30 seconds (current record: 51 coins)
  • Most t-shirts put on in one minute (current record: 31 shirts)
  • Most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds (current record: 28 socks)
  • Most chicken nuggets eaten in 30 seconds (current record: 19)

DIY ClassesHome Depot and Lowes offer free virtual workshops, all you need to do is register.

Workshops available:

Make a Meal of Scraps in your Pantry/Refrigerator — Get creative and see what you can comeup with. 

Visit a local Lake/Park 

    • WOTC Recommendation:
      • Visit Santa Fe Lake
        • Located just 10 min from Wichita, you can find activities like fishing, swimming, camping, picnicking, biking and hiking 
          • 11367 SW Shore Dr, Augusta, KS 67010
      • OJ Watson Park
        • The popular lakefront park offers fishing, boating, and 3 playgrounds. Extra cost includes: mini golf, kids’ rides & concessions 
          • 3022 S McLean Blvd, Wichita, KS 67217
      • Sedgwick County Park
        • Center for outdoor sports, recreation & fitness, with fishing on 4 lakes, plus shelter rentals.
          • 6501 W 21st St, Wichita, KS 67205 
      • Lake Afton Park
        • 720 acres of recreational fun for the entire family. The 258 acre lake provides boating, water skiing, fishing, and swimming opportunities. Camping facilities include both RV and tent sites with all the expected amenities and more.
          • Location: 25513 West 39th St S, Goddard, KS 67052 

Take the Q Line Down, Douglas

  • Pro Tip: Wichita Transit’s free downtown Q-Line bus service has a whole new look. The Q-line in Wichita has been and still will be a great FREE way to get around downtown – it just won’t keep the nostalgic trolley look. Find out more HERE.
  • Stop at Naftgzer Park, check out the public art, and more.

Date Night JarCrafts to do as a couple:

  • Write down things you love about your partner and put them in a jar
  • Write down date ideas, put them in a jar, and pick at random for the next date night

Picnic A picnic is a great way to get out of the house and enjoy nature.

  • Bring a frisbee, cards and dont forget the bug spray 

Visit the Original Pizza Hut 

Learn New Dance MovesEven if you two aren’t the best dancers, YouTube is the place to find tutorials to improve those moves.

Check out the Local Murals

  • WOTC Recommendation: Did you know there are over 100 murals to visit all over Wichita? Another fun fact is that Wichita has the largest mural in the world painted by a single artist near 21st & Broadway.  If you have an iPhone or other Apple device, you can download a handy free app that not only gives you image previews of the Avenue Art Days murals but also drives directions to each one. Find out more HERE.

Visit the Ulrich Museum of Art at WSU

StargazeThe perfect way to get out of the city

  • Get away from city lights
  • Grab a blanket
  • Lay down looking at the stars
  • Try to make shapes out of the stars

Volunteer Together Not only are you spending quality time together but you are giving back to your community as well.

Where to volunteer:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • The Lord’s Diner
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Kansas Humane Society
  • Click the link above for more ideas!

Learn a Magic TrickYouTube is such a great platform to learn new things. Get creative and learn some magic.

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Wichita Baseball Museum 

Karaoke See who the better singer is with some fun karaoke

Videos to watch:

Disc Golf

Open HousesPretend you’re in the market for a new house and see the way people set up there place. It doesn’t hurt to use some of their ideas.

Visit a Dog Park

Go for a Drive

  • Explore a new neighborhood
  • Listen to some music
  • Have a good conversation

Breakfast in BedThere’s something relaxing about having breakfast in bed.

Here are some items to make:

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Waffles/Pancakes
  • Biscuits and gravy

Advanced Learning Libary

Sunrise/Sunset Waking up extra early for the sunrise and going out of the way to watch the sunset is so peaceful.

Where to watch:

  • Keeper of the Plains
  • Top of parking garages
  • Your porch or deck
  • Away from the city lights

Bubble Bath & BubblyAnother relaxing date because you guys deserve it.

What you’ll need:

Seasonal Date Night Ideas: 

Batting Cages – All-Stars Batting Cages

  • 1 Token (20 Pitches): $3.00
  • 2 Tokens (40 Pitches): $5.00
  • 5 Tokens (100 Pitches): $10
  • Bats and helmets are free rentals
  • Make sure its open for the season (closed sometime in the winter) 

Visit Botanica or The Sedgwick County Zoo during the Winter 

ICT River Rides (Summer)

Did you know you can ride a Boat down the Arkansas River? Thats right! You can enjoy the beautiful river view of the iconic Keeper of the Pains. This is a unique thing to do in Wichita and a perfect date night idea. 

Free Summer Concerts:

Cowtown on Sundays

Pickleball in the Winter

Christmas Light Displays 

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