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Sam’s Club $1.38 Hotdog Combo

Sam’s Club has a new deal to rival Costco’s hotdog combo meal. Sam’s Club just announced they will be offering a hotdog combo for only $1.38. This is now lower than the Costco price for the same combo which is still $1.50. Either price its still a great DEAL! 

A Sam’s Club advertisement says “Frankly, it cant be beat.” ha!

Do you have to be a member to get the DEAL at Sam’s Club? Sam’s Club said no membership is needed to purchase the lower-priced hot dog combo! 

*At Costco you have to be a member to get their hotdog combo meal 

Sam's Club Hotdog Combo

I learned that Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart. The CEO Doug McMillon said they decided to make the combo cheaper in an effort to make “the everyday shopping trip better”.

They also said “The members’ dollar’s going further at Sam’s Club too, with racks of lamb and lobster tails priced more than 40% lower than last year,” he said. “We’re helping families stretch their dollars as we head into the holidays.”

This decision was made after Costco committed to keeping its hot dog combo price at $1.50 which is the same price it has been since the chain opened it first one in 1983. 

Both retail outlets charge for a memberships free to shop there. 

Sam’s Club Prices:

  • $50 and $110 a year for its two tiers of memberships

Costco Prices: 

  • $60 and $120 a year for its memberships

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