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Riverside Park Zoo called the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit is FREE

It’s officially named the “Kansas Wildlife Exhibit” but fondly known by Wichitans as the Riverside Park Zoo. Did you know they do feeding at noon everyday? Yes, you can go see FREE animal feeding everyday. We love consistent FREE activities in Wichita. This zoo has the wonderful Central Riverside Park near it and the park spans over 50 acres. Pack a lunch and make an afternoon of it. 

WOTC FUN FACTS about the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit:

  • This exhibit is always FREE
  • They have an indoor exhibit that houses smaller wildlife ambassadors. This exhibit is only open during Feeding Time and is definitely worth checking out!
  • The Zookeepers will be there are the FREE feeding at NOON everyday and will answer questions 
  • After the feeding find a caretaker to get special food to feed the fish in the pond for FREE
  • The Kansas Wildlife Exhibit was the originally the city’s zoo until the Sedgwick County Zoo
  • It opened in 1988! There has been a zoo in one form or another on the site since 1901
  • Many of the animals kept at the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit are used by the staff at the Great Plains Nature Center in programming

Kansas Wildlife Exhibit

The Kansas Wildlife Exhibit features over 25 species in 8 naturalistic cages. Animals include beaver, bobcat, hawks, turkey vulture, and a golden eagle. 

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The exhibit is located in the central part of Riverside Park. The park’s address is 720 Nims, and the City of Wichita website has a map that should help you find it.

The Kansas Wildlife Exhibit is centrally located about a mile northwest of downtown Wichita.  There is no admission fee and it is open year-round.

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