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Lunch specials and deals in Wichita KS

When brown bagging it loses its charm or you ran out the door and left your sandwich on the counter, finding a deal for lunch is your first priority. Of course, most restaurants have lunch menus complete with price specials, but taking a page from the deal Subway made famous, we accepted a challenge to find the lunch prices in the neighborhood of $5-$7. (Because, inflation.)

You can see the Wichita, KS lunch specials we’ve found below. How well did we do, and what have we missed?

Taco Bueno combines quality and quantity for $5 lunch

Important: Restaurant specials change frequently, so do be sure to double-check the special with the restaurant before you order. (And if you find out about a deal that’s over, tell us in the comments so we can remove it. Thanks!)

P.S. For specials on certain days of the week, check out the Daily Food & Drink Deals post. There are some $5 selections there too (particularly on Sunday).

The fast food chain has the meats, and you can pick two of them for $7 on the everyday value meal. But fair warning: this is an LTO (that’s limited time offer), so ask before you give the squawk box your order if you don’t see it on the menu board. 

  • There are 13 Arby’s locations in Wichita

A reader sent this in. According to her, Braum’s has a strawberry, pineapple, blueberry salad with dark greens, croutons, crackers, poppyseed dressing plus an 8 oz. container of cottage cheese for under $6, including tax. That sounds delicious, and so cheap! 

Order off the appetizer menu and you won’t spend more than $5.29, unless you order the quesadilla. Each of the daily specials Monday – Friday is priced at $6.50 as well. 

  • 8987 W. Central (316) 722-3711

Cici’s Pizza
Chow down at the $7.99 pizza buffet for lunch or dinner. 

  • 8320 W. Central Ave. (316) 773-1782

(Open for carry-out only) The food court is famous for its affordable menu, so be prepared to stand in line. But the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo is a practically a tradition for the thrifty and not-so-thrifty alike. But if you want to go upscale, the chicken bakes will only set you back $2.99. The barbeque brisket is also affordable—and the food court ha Brough back ice cream, smoothies and churros, too. 

  • 9700 E. Kellogg Dr. (316) 226-7164

Dairy Queen
If you haven’t discovered their 6-buck lunch, today is a great day to change that. Chicken strips or a hamburger with fries, a drink, and … wait for it … a sundae, too!

  • 12 locations throughout Wichita

When bacon and eggs and pancakes sound good, swing into Denny’s for their under $5 values, which include the Everyday Slam, biscuits and gravy, French toast and pancake stacks.

  • 4024 E Harry St (316) 683-8362

El Agave
The most expensive item on the a la carte menu is $3.99, so burritos, rellenos, tostadas, flats, enchiladas … it’s all possible on a frugal budget. They have a make-your-own combination so you can choose any 2 enchilada taco, tamale, tostada, burrito, or chile Relleno with rice and beans for $9.99 

  • 3560 N. Maize Rd. (316) 636-7084
  • 3236 N. Rock Rd. (316) 315-0351

Emerson Biggin’s Bar & Grill
You may want to swing in for the $5 one-topping pizza 7″.

  • Mondays $5.99 Tacos 
  • Tuesday half-price burger all-day
  • Thursday 1 topping medium pizza for $7


  • 808 E. Douglas (316) 303-9800

Let’s hear it for some pasta and carb energy to get us over the hump. The Fazoli’s $5 lunch special allows you to pick any of these 5 dishes for under $5.

  • Small Fettuccine Alfrado
  • Small Spaghetti with Marina or Meat Sauce
  • Double Slice Pizza 9Cheese or Pepperoni)
  • Chicken Parm Past Duo
  • Fettuccine and Ravioli Bake 

Eat in and it’s unlimited breadsticks—the drive-thru only yields one.

  • 3553 N Rock Rd., (316) 634-1855
  • 8520 West Cental Ave (316) 721-1011

Fuzzy’s Taco Shop

One of Wichita’s newest restaurants aims to please the lunch crowd. They offer lots of tacos that cost just $2.99 or less each, including grilled shrimp, veggie and spicy pork versions. The quesos dips are also packed with meat to make them a meal priced at $4.99. Or grab a breakfast burrito with pattoes, egg and cheese all day for $5.99.

  • 306 N Rock Rd., (316) 684-8226
  • 4521 E 21st St

Meeting spill over? Noon whizzed by? Then you definitely deserve a break, like the IHoppy Hour $6 specials at IHOP. They start at 3 p.m and run to 10 p.m. and cover whatever you’re in the mood for, from pancakes and chicken to a class steakburger with fries. Or how about a ham and cheese omelette? The variety means you can drop in every day and not repeat your order.

  • 4870 S. Washington Ave. (316) 522-2118
  • 515 S. Ridge Circle (316) 773-0077
  • 3505 N. Rock Rd. (316) 360-8401 

Japan Express
The rice dishes and curry entrees at are currently priced at $8.99. They’re full-sized, filling meals, so split a plate with a friend or take the rest home for dinner. 

  • 2550 N. Rock Rd., (316) 682-3183

Jimmy John’s

The national “freaky fast” sandwich chain rolled out a new deal. Use the promo code SAVEON2 to online or the Jimmy Johns app for a buy one get one half price deal. 

  • 5 locations in Wichita

Their  deals include the $5.99 chicken tender deal (chicken tenders, fries, biscuit, cookie and a drink). Or you can get their Famous Bowl or pot pie fill up that includes a cookie and drink for $5.49. Or just grab a  Chicken Little sandwich for $1.99. Get two plus fries and a drink for $6.19. Not tired of the deals yet? On Wednesdays, ask if they still have the $4.99 Chicken Fried Steak meal. It comes with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and a biscuit.

  • 5 locations throughout Wichita

Lalo’s Express
(Drive through only) Tacos, flautas, tostaados, oh my! All of these menu items fall well under the $7 line in the sand—in fact, you can mix and match and still not reach the total.

  • 2051 S. Seneca (316) 264-9500

Mexico Viejo
You get a range of lunch combos ranging from $4.49 to $6.99: tacos, enchiladas, tamales, tostadas, chalupas or toastaguac with rice.  Between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., you have a whopping 41 options that fit our price parameters.

  • 6960 W 21st St N. (316) 722-4787

M&M Bierocks
A regular bierock, not to be confused with “an ordinary bierock,” meal deal, which includes chips and 20 oz soda is under $6. Or just grab an individual bierock for $3.25 – $3.75, depending on your ingredients.

  • 2065 Central Ave. (316) 262-6263


  • Wednesdays, you can enjoy chili or a taco salad for just $2.99 with a drink purchase.
  • Sundays BOGO – Buy one Junior NuWay and get one free. Limited to 6 sandwiches 
  • Or a medium crumbly burger, medium onion rings and a medium drink—not too small, not too much—is priced at $6.99 ($5.99 if you choose a chili cheese dog for the combo).
  • Always doing 2 original NuWays for $7
  • 4 locations in Wichita

Playa Azul

This authentic Mexican restaurant offers 7 lunch combinations priced at just $6.29, or the Speedy Gonzales combo for $5.79. Not that hungry? Check out the express lunches priced at $4.99. The specials are available Monday – Friday 11 a.m. – 3 p.m and Saturday and Sunday noon to 3 p.m. 

  • 111 N. Washington, (316) 267-2252

Check out the toasty deal of the day: a 4-inch sub for $4.50. 

  • 550 N. Webb Rd., (316) 652-9231

Sam’s Club
In the battle of the warehouse food courts, Sam’s Club is not to be outdone. It goes toe to toe on hot dog and drink specials, and throws in a pretzel and drink combo for that magic $1.50 price point. A $2 fruit smoothie is a welcome lunch item as well.

  • 3084 N Maize Rd. (316) 347-2578
  • 6200 W. Kellogg Dr. (316) 945-3010
  • 3415 N. Rock Rd. (316) 634-6007

Here the $5.95 Classic American Meal Deal includes a classic steakburger, small fry, 20 oz. fountain drink and an 8 oz. Mudslide! Yah, this $5.95 isn’t a typo.

  • 11 locations throughout Wichita

A six-inch sub is $6.49 at Subway; with Black Forest ham, meatball marinara, spicy Italian, cold cut combo and veggie in the bargain spotlight. And if that’s not cheap enough, choose the Sub of the Day special . Or download their app and take advantage of 1/2 off specials and 15% discounts. 

  • 10 locations throughout Wichita

Taco Bell
The national chain may be going for largest selection in the $5 lunch wars. Their boxes—the triple melt burrito and chalupa cravings—contain three full-size entrees, a full-size cinnamon twist order, and a medium drink. Check out the wide variety of $1 tacos, roll-ups and cinnamon twists, and $2.99 burritos, too!

  • 13 Wichita locations

Taco Bueno
They call it the Rodeo Meal: 2 brisket tacos and one small drink for $6.49. Check out the Bueno value menu a well!

Taco Pronto
Hungry westsiders know where to slake taco cravings on the cheap at lunch time (or dinner, or anytime from 10:30 a.m. to 10 p.m.) and pronto! The Money-Saver Combo is 2 fried corn tacos, 1 bean and cheese burrito, and a 16 oz. drink for $3.99. No substitutions. If you’re in the mood for something else, try the Pork Carnita Combo, which is 2 soft flour pork tacos, chips & salsa, and a 16 oz. soft drink for $4.79. Or grab some friends and split the 12 pack of corn tacos for $9,99. 

  • 8385 W. 21st Street (316) 295-2999


Slightly over $5

These local restaurant lunch deals just missed our $7 mark—but the are still excellent values when you need to get out of the office and share some time with colleagues:

Chicken N Pickle
Is it Monday – Friday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m? Check. Then it’s the right time for the 316 special: your choice of a pulled pork sandwich, NKC hot chicken sandwhick, pickled chicken sandwich, country fried chicken sandwich or Bill’s chicken salad, with a non-alcoholic beverage for $10. Chicken N Pickle will donate $1 from every special ordered to the Wichita Public Schools.

  • 1240 N. Greenwich Rd. (316) 535-7150

The lunch combination specials here start at $8 for the same delicious quality you get at dinner but in smaller portions. We’re talking double burger and fries, spicy shrimp tacos and chips and salsa, bacon ranch chicken quesadillas with chips and salsa, boneless wings and fries … and more. Did we mention each entree also comes with a soup or salad, too?

  • 2333 N. Greenwich Rd. (316) 630-0283
  • 7887 E. Central (316) 686-4110
  • 10520 W. Central (316) 721-2700

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
Purchase on of their 24 lunch combination specials and a drink, and your waiter will bring you a FREE order of sopapillas. 

  • 5905 W. Kellogg Dr. (316) 425-8711

Emerson Biggin’s Bar & Grill
So, it’s not Thursday, but it’s still Monday – Friday from 11 a.m – 2:30 p.m.  You are just in time for fill-you-up choices for $7.99, including salads; sandwiches and wraps with fries, tots or chips; comfort foods like taco baskets, nachos and burritos.

  • 808 E. Douglas (316) 303-9800
  • 2330 N. Maize Rd. (316) 866-2577

Lee’s Chinese Restaurant has 10 lunch combos, including Kung Pao chicken, brocolli beef, sweet and sour pork and Moo Goo gai pan, plus fried rice, 2 crab rangoons, mando and a fortune cookie for $7.50.

Olive Garden
The lunch specials here are $7.99 Monday – Friday before 3 p.m., but at the moment, they are upping that ante. Purchase any entry and you can take home fettuccine Alfredo, five-cheese ziti al forgo or spaghetti with meat sauce for just $5 more. So are you saving on tomorrow’s lunch or tonight’s dinner? That’s for you to decide. But OG specials tend to change with the seasons, so do check before you place your order.

  • 323 N. Rock Rd. (316) 684-6757
  • 1718 N. Rock Rd. (316) 788-1501
  • 2641 N. Maize Rd. (316) 722-0991

Pizza Hut
The Tastemaker deal is meant to be shared: a large pizza with up to three toppings for $10. 

  • 4 locations in Wichita

The good folks here will pack you a lunch box overflowing with hearty sandwiches, chips, a cookie and a pickle spear. Prices range between $8 and $10. 

  • 4 locations through Wichita

Uno Mas
The lunch special here for 2 tacos, side, and a fountain drink is $8.99. And it’s not just any taco — we’re talking bay bam shrimp or carne asada. But you can buy individual entrees in the $3-$4 each range if you want to stay under the magic budget line. 

  • 8641 W. 13th St. (316) 364-4632
  • 1920 W. 21st St. (316) 779-1090
  • 3242 N. Rock Rd. (316) 260-9216

Ziggy’s Pizza
Grab your fork because this is too big to be finger food. Two slices of the same kind of pizza and a side salad costs just $7.99. The catch? You must have marinara as your sauce. Oh, and you have to order between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday- Friday. 

  • 3700 E. Douglas Ave. (316) 613-2529
  • 12115 E. 21st St.  (316) 779-8181
  • 8404 W. 13th St. (316) 201-1811

Nothing Left But the Crumbs

These deals have ended, but we look forward to what comes next:

The 8-inch plain  hoagies (steak, chicken, turkey) plus tuna and chicken salad at T.O.P.S. Steaks and Hoagies ring up at $5.50. 

TJ’s Burger House offers two chicken sandwiches, jalepeno chicken ($5.78) and crispy chicken ($5.28), and its chili cheese dog ($5.08) wins the prize for closest to the mark.

Champs Bar & Grill
What says lunch better than PB&J? Champs’ Kendall special features just that, with chips, for $2.50. It’s like you packed your lunch! (Psst, most of their sandwich prices would fall on our “just missed” list, too.)

  • 1106 S. Seneca, (316) 262-1284

Little Ceasar’s
Your large sausage, pepperoni or cheese round pizza is waiting for you, and it’s just $5. Or, go for a bit of variety with the $5 Little Caesar’s Lunch Combo special and get four slices of Detroit-style deep dish pepperoni pizza and a 20 oz Pepsi.

Ciabatta Toasties has a nice ring to it, and that holds true at the cash register as well. It’s just $3.50 for ham and Swiss, Little Italy or a Southwest club ciabatta on that famous bread.

Craving fresh homemade bread? Swing in for a small classic sandwich and pay just $5.29.

Egg Roll King
  The lunch combo special offers one entree for $5.15, two for $6.15.

Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs 
Goodcents has a $5 Nickel deal that gets you an 8″ sub and a drink. What’s offered may depend on location or time of year, but what I’m seeing right now in Wichita is the 8″ Centsable Ham & Bologna Sub with a regular drink.

(Closed because the owner wants to retire. Aw.) DeFazio’s Restaurant

Curbside carry-out only. You’re going to love their kid’s lunch special (they won’t discriminate if you aren’t a kid): a single-topping 6-inch pizza with a side of applesauce or side salad for $5. Dig in! (You can have an adult cold cut sandwich for $7).

  • 2706 Amidon St. (316) 838-0709



Lunches for $5 or less in Wichita, KS

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