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Coffee Shops in Wichita and Who Has the Cheapest Coffee

Coffee is great, but it can get expensive. As a college student, I don’t want to spend $5-$7 on a small cup of coffee. Since I’ve been in Wichita, I have been to many coffee shops and trying to decide which one is the most affordable. Here is a list of coffee shops that I have been to that have the cheapest prices and great coffee. 

Coffee Shops and Cheapest Coffee

We have also made a list of all the coffee shops in Wichita. If you find another cheap coffee shop you think we should add or if we missed a coffee shop. Please email us at wotcinfo@gmail.com with information and a picture of the menu.

In this Article:

  • Local Coffee Shops
  • Top 6 Cheapest Coffee Shops (we have found) 

Coffee Shops in Wichita, Kansas: 

Aida’s Coffee House: 920 E 1st St N

Aroma Coffeehouse: 7348 W. 21st St. Unit 110

Boba Zone Coffee and Tea?: 2240 N Rock Road

Carpe Diem Cafe: 8643 W Central Ave

Churn and Burn: 548 S Oliver Ave

Cocoa Dolce ?

  • 2132 N. Rock Rd. (Bradley Fair)
  • 235 N St Francis Ave (Downtown)
  • 2441 N Maize Rd Suite 123 (New Market Square)

Coffee Daze: 3236 E. Douglas ave, Suite 100

Cofellow Coffee Parlour: 107 N Main St (Goddard)

Crafted: 9730 E 21st St N

Credo Coffee Shop: 1810 N. Roosevelt

Espresso To Go Go: 102 St Francis N

Fairmount Coffee Co: 3815 E 17th St N

Il Primo Espresso Cafe: 6422 Central Ave 

Java Villa Cafe: 7812 E Harry St

Kung Fu Tea?: 1625 S Rock Road

LaMar’s Donuts and Coffee: ?

  • 3130 N Rock Rd Suite 130
  • 10051 W 21st St #103

Las Adelitas Cafe: 120 E First St. N?

Leaf Teahouse: 1912 E Pawnee St

Leslie Coffee Co?.: 930 W. Douglas, Suite A

Mokas Cafe: 143 N McLean Blvd

Moxi Junction: 319 S Park Ave (Maize)

Papa’s General Store: 3700 E Douglas Ave

Paradise Donuts & Coffee: ?

  •  612 E Douglas Ave
  • 10607 W Maple St

Pennant Coffee: 2721 E. Central  in Revolutsia

Reverie Coffee Roasters: ?

  • 2202 E. Douglas Ave
  • Downtown Library

R Coffee House: 1144 N. Bitting

Sojourner’s Coffee House: 7130 W Maple St Ste 280

SweetPops: 550 N. Rock Road

The Bean Scene: 8606 W 13th St. N

The Coop and Coffee House: 104 N Baltimore Ave (Derby)

The Donut Whole: 1720 E Douglas Ave

The Rusted Rooster: 837 N. Andover Rd 

The Vagabond Cafe?: 614 W. Douglas

Want Bierock & Coffee House: Location: 2615 W 13th St N

Top 6 Cheapest Coffee Shops: 

If you find cheaper coffee in Wichita please email us at wotcinfo@gamil.com 

1. Sojourner’s Coffee House:
Starting off strong we have Sojourner’s. Sojourner’s is just like any coffee shop. They have a full menu of drinks and food, but what makes them unique is that they’re a nonprofit. Every item on their menu is based off donations and all their proceeds go to the military, veterans and their families. However, they have a menu with prices of suggested donations.
– Nonprofit (donation based)
– Open Monday – Saturday
– 7130 W Maple St Suite 280, Wichita, KS 67209

2. Common Grounds Coffee House:
A hidden gem in the middle of Wichita, Common Grounds is a house turned into a coffee shop. If you’re wanting to get a cheap (and great) cup of coffee, a homey-feel when you’re studying, or just catching up with a friend, Common Grounds is the way to go.
– Homey feel
– Open Monday – Saturday
– Middle of Wichita
– 2812 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67214

3. Il Primo Espresso Caffe
It is not very likely that you see a 16oz latte for under five dollars. At Il Primo, however, they sell theirs for $3.65! It doesn’t get much better than that.
– First coffee house in Wichita
– Coffee, breakfast, and lunch
– Open seven days a week
– 6422 Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67206

Visit their website HERE 

4. The Bean Scene
The Bean Scene is personally one of my favorites not only because of the fun name but because of their frappes and boba! They have a wider variety of drinks including boba, smoothies, and milkshakes.
– Boba, smoothies, milkshakes
– Open Tuesday – Sunday
– 8606 W 13th St N #120, Wichita, KS 67212

5. R Coffee House
R Coffee House is similar to Common Grounds as they are also set up in a neighborhood and in an actual house. They offer a very quiet atmosphere with amazing drinks, and pastries.
– Homey feel
– Open seven days a week 8am – 5pm
– 1144 Bitting St, Wichita, KS 67203

6. Kookaburra Coffee
Again, not many coffee shops offer boba, smoothies, and handmade sodas, Kookaburra does. They also offer protein add-ins in their smoothies which is a big plus.
– Boba, smoothies, handmade sodas
– Protein add-ins
– Open Monday – Saturday 7am – 3pm
– Drive-through
– 9414 W Central Ave, Wichita, KS 67212


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