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Wichita’s FREE Q-Line Trolley

Wichita Transit’s FREE downtown Q-Line bus service has a whole new look. The Q-line in Wichita has been and still will be a great FREE way to get around downtown – it just won’t keep the nostalgic trolley look anymore. 

The Q-Line trolley is a great, and FREE, way to explore Downtown Wichita. It is a transportation service that runs down 3.3 miles along Douglas Avenue, Seneca Street, and Clifton Avenue. Although it does not have the same nostalgic look of a trolley,  it is still a great way to get around Downtown. 

Free Q-Line Ride Wichita

The NEW Q-LINE buses are zero-emission, modern and have free WIFI, bike racks, and are easier to board because of the lower floors/ramp. Wichita Transit says they have a quieter, more comfortable ride too. 

This is the perfect, and fun, opportunity for families to get around Downtown. Ride the Q directly to Riverfront Stadium and catch a ballgame. You can also catch a FREE ride back to your car if you wander too far down Douglas exploring Downtown Wichita.

Wichita Q-line Trolley (free)
Say goodbye to the old nostalgic Q-Line Trolley. The new Q is modern and powered by battery/electric – but is still FREE!

The Q-line route serves Delano, Old Town, Douglas Design District and Clifton Square. It runs along Douglas Ave. in the center of Wichita, from Clifton Square on the east to Delano on the west. 

How To Ride the Q-Line:

  • Find a Q sign along the route
  • When the Q shows up, let the riders exit before you hop on
  • When you want to request a stop, pull the cord along the window about one block before your desired stop

When Does the Q-Line Run?

  • Monday – Thursday: 5 pm – 11 pm
  • Friday: 5 pm-midnight
  • Saturday: 11 am-midnight
  • Does not run on Sundays

Where Does the Q-Line Go?


  • Delano District
  • Old Town
  • Douglas Design District
  • Clifton Square

3.3 miles along:

  • Douglas Avenue
  • Seneca Street
  • Clifton Avenue

Q-Lines Stops Info: 

  • Approximately every other block
  • Run every 15 minutes

Parking Lots to Park and Ride the Q-Line: 

  • INTRUST Bank Arena Lot 2
    • 500 E Waterman
  • Century Plaza
    • 141 S Main
  • Century II Back Parking Lot
    • 130 S Waco
  • Naftzger Park
    • 601 E Douglas
  • Spaghetti Works
    • 645 E Douglas
  • Riverfront Stadium Parking
    • 100 S Sycamore
  • Orpheum Theatre Parking
    • 218 N Broadway
  • You can find more parking along the route

App to help with the Q-Line: 

Q-Line Wichita

We recommend hopping on the FREE bus and stopping at:
  • Ziggy’s to eat pizza
  • Reverie Coffee Roasters to get a drink
  • Grab a Donut at the Donut Whole
  • Shop at The Spice Merchant
  • Get a Milkshake at Old Mill Tasty Shop
  • Grab a cocktail at the Monarch
  • Shop at All Things BBQ
  • These are just a few of the MANY great stops along Douglas 

How much does the Q-line Trolley cost?

It is FREE. Zero dollars. Costs nothing!

I think riding the Q-line Trolley (for free!) would make a fun Saturday morning or afternoon thing to do visiting the shops and restaurants along the route covered by the trolley, so you’d always have something fun to do!

The Q-line Mobile App

The free myStop mobile app available for iOS (Apple) or for Android devices is a real-time bus locator and includes Wichita’s Q-line Trolleys.

Visit the website for more information about Wichita Transit services.

How to use the Free Q-line Trolley Service in Wichita

First, you’ll look for a Q-line trolley sign. (Or cheat and use the app!)

The signs are color-coded, so you’ll know which Q route stops there. Trolley stops are located about every other block along the trolley routes.

Second, you’ll wait for a trolley to come around. The trolleys run approximately every 15 minutes, so if you’re in the right place you shouldn’t have to wait much longer than 10 minutes to catch a trolley.

Third, when the trolley arrives, use “elevator etiquette,” i.e. wait for riders to exit before you get on.

Finally, when you’re about a block away from your destination, pull the cord along the window of the trolley to indicate to the driver that you want to stop.

Q-Line Wichita

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