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Wichita Murals

Have a fun and totally FREE day exploring Wichita’s murals. Over the past few years, we’ve seen dozens of colorful murals adorning the sides of buildings, fences, and underpasses. Sometimes you just catch a glimpse of them as you drive by; others we have only seen in pictures. But there’s nothing like getting out and getting your own picture in front of one of these cool mural masterpieces.

If you have a cellphone and a willingness to explore, that’s all you need need to go mural-hunting in Wichita. But we have found a few resources that will make it easier for you to track down all the Wichita murals and learn a little something about the artists who painted them.

This is something TOTALLY FREE to do in Wichita! And you know you’re cool if you’ve actually laid eyes on these Wichita murals in person.

When you’re out mural hunting, you might also want to stop into some of the businesses sporting these beauties. That adds to the price tag just a little bit, but a coffee, donut, or doo-dad representing Doo Dah won’t usually break the bank.

Wichita Murals

Wichita Mural App

To make it easier on us, there is a Wichita Mural App so you know where to look. However, it is
only available for Apple products. To find out more about the murals and who painted them, visit
the Avenue Art Days website.

With there being 108 murals around town, it can get a bit overwhelming so we narrowed it down to
some super cool ones and where they are located.

Dear Wichita, Take Care and Dream Big by Lindsey Kernodle and Friends

Dear Wichita, Take Care and Dream Big
Artist: Lindsey Kernodle & Friends
Location: Harbinger Construction – 1520 E Douglas

Photo By: Lindsay Kernodle 

Eyeball Garden By Lindsey Kernodle

Eyeball Garden
Artist: Lindsey Kernodle
Location: The Anchor – 1115 E Douglas

Photo By: Lindsay Kernodle 

Mini Maker Madness by Brickkmob

Mini Maker Madness
Artist: Brickkmob
Location: The Workroom – 156 N Cleveland

Photo By: Avenue Art Day 


Untitled by Josh Lupoli


Artist: Josh Lupoli

Location: College Hill Deli – 3407 E. Douglas 

Photo By: Avenue Art Days 

Wichita, The Air Capital by Elisabeth Ownes

Wichita, The Air Capital

Artist: Elizabeth Owens

Location: Clifton Square

Photo By: Avenue Art Days 

Wichita Uncovered bu Coral Donnelly and Brittany Schaar

Wichita Uncovered 

Artist: Coral Donnelly & Brittany Schaar

Location: Moler’s Camera – 2609 E. Douglas 

Photo By: Avenue Art Days 

Jewel Rooster by Hallie Linnebur

Jewel Rooster
Artist: Hallie Linnebur
Location: The Donut Whole – 1720 E Douglas

Photo By: Avenue Art Days

Sharrowing is Caring By Make ICT

Sharrowing is Caring

Artist: Make ICT

Location: 1116 E. Douglas Ave. 

Photo By: Avenue Art Days 

More Murels Include: Click HERE for more images of Mureal from Avenue Art Days.

A Kansas Gem
Artist: Jessie Sterling
Location: Clifton Square – 3700 E Douglas

Wichita Illustrated
Article: Liv Grant
Location: Assistance League of Wichita – 2431 E Douglas

316 ICT
Artist: Brickmob
Location: Recycled Threads, Board & Brush, & Legacy Bank – 1108 E Douglas

Sharrowing is Caring
Artist: Make ICT
Location: 1116 E Douglas

Artist: Josh Tripoli
Location: 4714 E Douglas

Artist: Tom Murrilo
Location: Watermark Books – 4701 E Douglas

Time Changes Things
Artist: Anthony Parker
Location: 2903 E Douglas

Find Your Inner Wag
Artist: Linette Lee
Location: 3001 E Douglas

Wichi Titan
Artist: Tereza Zardoz
Location: Lytton’s – 123 S Hillside

Artist: Rebecca Moyer
Location: Aspen Boutique

Moon Apples & Sun Apples
Artist: Meghan Miller
Location: Eighth Day Books – 2838 E Douglas

You Are What You Create
Artist: Valerie Lillich
Location: The Workroom / Birneys – 156 N Cleveland

Keep Breathing
Artist: Nicole Strain & Family
Location: BCS – 1730 E Douglas

Keeper of the Plains
Artist: Josh Johnico
Location: Bay Bay Home Fashions – 2802 E Douglas

Mead Crossing the Arkansas
Artist: Brickmob
Location: Advantedge Auto – 119 N Cleveland

See The Signs
Artist: DeafKAN
Location: 122 S Hydraulic

Artist: Brickmob
Location: Alzheimer’s Association – 1820 E Douglas

Artist: Kailyn Wall & Corbie Leiker
Location: 2202 E Douglas

The Douglas Design District hosts Avenue Art Days, the event that prompted the birth of many of these murals in the first place. If you have an iPhone or other Apple device, you can download a handy free app that not only gives you image previews of the Avenue Art Days murals, but also driving directions to each one.

You might have heard, for instance, that Wichita boasts the largest single-artist mural in the entire world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. This mural is on Visit Wichita’s map.

The Horizontes mural is on the side of a grain elevator at 519 E. 20th St. You may have seen it if you’ve driven on E. 21st Street over near Broadway or Mosley streets. If traffic isn’t too bad, you might have time to catch a glimpse of the mural when you’re driving south on I-135 or west on K96. KMUW has a good article on it here.

Miro Mural

Of course, the Wichita mural that was a landmark even before mural-hunting was a popular Wichita activity is a mosaic by the world-famous Spanish artist Joan Miró. His Personnages Oiseaux, or Bird People, is made up of hundreds of thousands of glass tiles and can be viewed on the wall of the Ulrich Museum of Art on the Wichita State University campus. 

The Miro was removed for restoration in 2011, which took five years to complete. Now the mural is back up at the university campus and should not be missed on a mural tour of Wichita!

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