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25 Days of Holiday Activities: Free & Cheap Events in Wichita

We’ve compiled a list of Wichita’s favorite FREE or Cheap holiday activities and events in our ’25 Days of Holiday Fun’ list. There is so much happening around town; this is only a little taste of what’s happening. You can visit our community calendar for the complete list.

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25 days of holiday fun in Wichita

25 Days of Holiday Free & Cheap Events 2023: 

We’ve curated a list of unique daily activities leading up to Christmas Day. These standout events and ideas are either particularly noteworthy or offer exceptional value. Feel free to share so that no one misses out on these fantastic deals of fun!

Friday, Dec 1:

Saturday, Dec 2:

Sunday, Dec 3:

Monday, Dec 4:

Tuesday, Dec 5:

Wednesday, Dec 6:

Thursday, Dec 7:

Friday, Dec 8:

Saturday, Dec 9:

Sunday, Dec 10:

Monday, Dec 11:

Tuesday, Dec 12:

Wednesday, Dec 13:

Thursday, Dec 14:

Friday, Dec 15:

Saturday, Dec 16:

Sunday, Dec 17:

Monday, Dec 18:

Tuesday, Dec 19:

Wednesday, Dec 20:

Thursday, Dec 21:

Friday, Dec 22:

Saturday, Dec 23:

Sunday, Dec 24:

Sunday, Dec 25:

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