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Free and Inexpensive Fitness Events in Wichita

Who doesn’t love a fitness class…especially when it’s free?! Wichita has a wide variety of free fitness classes and inexpensive fitness events throughout the year for you to try.

Some of those classes include Zumba, Barre, Yoga and Bootcamp classes just to name a few. 

We have gathered all of those classes into one convenient list for you. (And you’ll also find events where you can get in a good walk or bicycle ride.)

fitness class working out and exercising

This is an ever-changing list so make sure you check back often to see what’s new. If you know of any classes we need to add to our list, feel free to comment below or email us at wichitaotc@gmail.com.

How to Stay Motivated/Keep your Resolution

Starting a new exercise routine can be daunting and it’s not always easy to stay motivated!

Here are a few helpful tips that I’ve learned over the years that I hope will help you too.

Have a workout buddy/accountability partner:

Having a friend that you can work out with or talk about workouts with is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Sometimes knowing that someone else will be asking me how my workout went that day is enough to get me out the door! (And exercising is always more fun with a friend.)

Set a Regular Workout Time:

Life is busy and hectic for all of us. I find that having at least 2-3 days a week where I set aside a specific time each week to workout helps motivate me to get out the door. It also ensures that I get out the door and do it. When I try to just squeeze time in to exercise where I can, something always comes up and I don’t get the workout in. Plus, setting a regular workout time gives me something to look forward to on those nights. I choose to do group exercise classes on those days so I also get to see friends who hold me accountable and working out with friends is always more fun!

Switch it up:

Doing the same thing over and over can be monotonous. If you find that your regular workout routine is lacking the luster it once had, try something new. Check out our Sports, Rec, and Outdoors category or view the FREE fitness classes in Wichita listed below. This list is a great way to find a new class to try for free and you may even find something new that you enjoy!

Set realistic goals:

Whether you are trying to lose weight, want to run a 5K, fit into an outfit you haven’t worn in years or something else, set realistic goals for yourself. Seeing the upcoming event on your calendar may be just what you need to lace up your athletic shoes and get out the door.

Have a “why”:

When all you want to do is sit on the couch after a long day, remember why you started your exercise routine in the first place. Was it to lose weight? Get healthy for yourself or your family? Have more energy? Whatever your reason, when times get tough remember what motivates you and push yourself just a little more. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did!

Free Fitness Classes and Events Wichita

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