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Sunflower fields near Wichita, KS – Where can you see sunflowers in bloom?

Seeing row after row of blooming sunflowers – it’s one of the perks of living in Kansas. Many readers have asked me where they could find sunflower fields near Wichita or around the state. In the past, that wasn’t an easy question to answer since only a few were planted specifically to be enjoyed by the public. But we’ve visited many of the best sunflower fields near Wichita and have listed them for you below!

In the past several years, we’ve seen a surge of Kansas sunflower festivals and sunflower fields near Wichita, KS, that are open to the public with very small fees or donation boxes so you can support the farmers who are allowing us to enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

Sunflower Fields in Kansas

And of course you can still find sunflower fields just by driving to other scenic Kansas spots. We’ve spotted them on the way to Winfield and on the way to Coronado Heights. And we’ve heard about fields near Cheney and Nickerson, KS too.

It’s fun when you come upon a big field where sunflowers are growing, but we always need to be aware that they are on private property, so stay on the perimeter and don’t damage the field in any way. (That includes not picking the sunflowers or walking in the field.)

Have you ever wondered what happens to sunflowers after all the gorgeous photo opps are done? I love this video by the Peterson Farm Brothers that shows sunflower harvesting!

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know to visit these farms.

Sunflower Fields in Kansas 2024: 

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful photograph location or you simply want to witness the spectacular view of a Kansas sunflower field in full bloom, this list will help.

Again, remember that unless a field is specifically open to the public, you’re trespassing on private property if you actually go out into the field. Please respect our hardworking farmers.

After tracking the sunflower fields for a few years, here’s where and when we think you might expect to see some Kansas sunflower fields in bloom each year. We hope that all of the visitors out taking their sunflower pictures thank these farmers and donate generously so they continue to do this for years to come! 

What is in this Article: 

  • Klausmeyer Sunflower Field: Mid-July
  • Cedar Creek Farms Sunflower Fields: Late July 
  • LBR Family Farm: July
  • Grinter Family Farm: Early September 
  • Kansas Maze, Inc: Mid August – Mid-September 2024 
  • Peterson Farm Brothers:  Late August – Mid-September 
  • Diana Burress Farm: Mid to Late September 

Remember, these are just estimates, so visit their FB or website for updates.  

Sunflower Farms in Kansas 2024:

Klausmeyer Farm Sunflower Fields – Clearwater

Estimated Bloom Time: Mid -July

The Klausmeyer Farm sunflower fields are often the first fields to bloom every year – usually in mid- to late-July. Farmer Dave has planted one public sunflower patch this year, which should be just opening up the 4th weekend in July. (This is nature though, so don’t bother getting angry if it doesn’t happen on your schedule. You can’t dictate the exact date.)

Where: Klausmeyer Farm, 8135 S 119th St W., Clearwater, Kansas 67026 (It’s just 26 minutes from the center of Wichita.)

When: unknown for 2024


  • Admission to Klausmeyer sunflower fields is $2 per person. 
  • $1 for each sunflower to take home

Parking: This year there will be a designated parking lot in the field across from the farmstead. Please do not park along the road. When you arrive, check in at the admission booth. If you’d rather not walk to the field, you can take a ride on a trail that will take you to the field. 

Photographers: Photographers can purchase a special season pass very affordably. Your clients will pay the $2 admission fee like everyone else. 

Hours: They’re usually open every day from sunup to sundown until the blooming season is over, weather permitting. 

Follow them on Facebook for Updates: Klausmeyer FB Page 

Cedar Creek Farm Sunflowers – Maize 

Estimated Bloom Time: Late July 

Cedar Creek has planted as many as four sunflower fields in the past, including a funfetti mix! Last year, the flowers were in bloom during different weeks from mid-August until the first part of September. 

Where: 6100 N 119th St W, Maize, Kansas 67101 (Located right off of K-96)


  • $5 per person (Kids 2 and under are free)
  • $20 per carload.
  • There was also a $25 season pass for admission to the sunflowers and the pumpkin patch later in the fall. 

Parking: Cedar Creek Farm has a parking lot for visitors you will see as you are coming in to the farm.

Photographers: Photographers pass was $20 for the season. The pass gave one photographer unlimited entry to the farm for sunflower and pumpkin season. (Great deal!) The pass only covers the photographers’ personal entry.

When: As many Kansans know, a lot of what happens when, agriculturally speaking, depends on rain and other weather! 

Follow them on Facebook for Updates: Cedar Creek Farm & Pumpkin Patch 

Cedar Creek Website 

LBR Family Farm

Estimated Bloom Time: July 

Where: 14465 W Pawnee St. Wichita, KS 67227

When: Typically in July


  • $2 per person and kids 3 and under are free 
  • You pick sunflowers are $1 per bloom or a dozen for $10. Bring your own basket to take home your flowers and gardening sheers to cut them. 

Follow them on Facebook for Updates: LBR Family Farm. 

Grinter Farms Sunflower Fields – Lawrence

Estimated Bloom Time: Early September 

Grinter Farms in Lawrence, KS is the well-known Kansas sunflower field you may have already heard about. They’ve been open to the public for years! 

Very important post, called the “rules of engagement” where the owner gives a lot of info (including pointing out that there are no public restrooms). The sunflower field isn’t a tourist attraction; it’s a field planted with a crop on a farm. There are things you need to know. 

Where: Grinter Farms, 24154 Stillwell Rd., Lawrence, KS 66044

When the Sunflowers are Typicall in Bollom: Generally seems to be around Early September. Watch their page for updates on expected bloom time. 

Cost: Usually free admission; $1 per sunflower stem you take with you (on the honor system).

Follow them on Facebook for Updates: Grinter Farm

Kansas Maze, INC

Estimated Bloom Time: Late August – Mid-September

Kansas Maze Sunfleor Festival Information HERE

Kansas Maze has 16 acres of sunflower fields.


  • Sunflower Festival will take place from mid-August – mid-September 2024.
  • The Sunflower trail run will be on August 24th, 2024.
  • Sunflower Market will be on August 31, 2024

Where: Buhler, Kansas (50 min from Wichita) 

Cost: $7 per person ages 4 and up. This price includes admission, one sunflower and access to their playland and activities.

  •  They have a jumping pillow, rope maze, tunnel slide, sandbox, and more. 

Follow them on Facebook for Updates: Kansas Maze

Peterson Brothers/The Heights Sunflower Trails near Lindsborg

Estimated Bloom Time: Late August – Mid September 

The famous Peterson Brothers (“I’m Farming and I Grow It”) offer Sunflower Trails about 2 miles north of Lindsborg, Kansas, in the early fall. 

You can walk through trails in the field and take as many pictures as you want to. This is a fun spot for pictures because Coronado Heights is visible in the background!

Where: At The Heights Wedding Venue, 2951 13th Ave. Lindsborg, KS 67456

When: Keep an eye on the Peterson Brothers Facebook page  Usually it seems like these are blooming late August and they hope to have nice looking flowers until about the second week of September. As always, this is dependent on conditions. …And the flowers make up their own minds about when they want to bloom. 🙂


  • $5 per person
  • Or $10 per family up to 5 and $2 additional per extra family member 

Follow them on Facebook for Updates: Peterson Farm Bros 

Peterson Farm Bros Website

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Diana Burress, Augusta Sunflower Field

We think this is the field we saw on one of our Kansas scenic drives!

Where: 9251 SW 115th Augusta, KS

Cost: This field is free to go visit. Sunflowers are free to pick, they just ask that you bring your own stem cutters and pick in an area where people are not taking pictures (full areas of sunflowers look better in pictures.)

Parking: There is a designated parking area for the field that can be found by the signs directing you to that point. Parking on the shoulder of the road is heavily discouraged because it is quite a busy road.

When: The field should bloom in the middle to late September

Follow them on Facebook for Updates: Diana Burress Farm and Realty

Sunflower Fun Facts

When Do Sunflowers Bloom in Kansas?

Kansas sunflowers usually bloom in late summer/early fall. Some farmers plant a few fields early so that the blooms are ready in July.

Of course, nature doesn’t care about our schedule. 🙂 The bloom time of sunflower fields is dependent on weather and many other conditions, so keep that in mind before you head out on your journey to find the perfect crop of Kansas sunflowers.

So far, we’ve seen several announcements about sunflower fields for this year! 

Find more sunflower fields:

We found a sunflower field on the way to Cowley State Fishing Lake waterfall one year, but we have no idea if it is planted every year. We’ve also heard of fields around Augusta and Hutchinson. The best way to find them is to take a drive and enjoy the beautiful Kansas fall scenery.

Let us know if you spot a Kansas sunflower field in your travels! We’ll share it here so others can enjoy the sight too. And please feel free to share your pictures with us, either here or at the Wichita on the Cheap Facebook page.

Sunflowers near Coronado Heights 

When my family and I went to Coronado Heights one year we accidentally came across this field of sunflowers, and it was so thrilling! Here’s a photo I took that day:

Sunflower field in full bloom
This was a sunflower field we happened across on a family drive to Coronado Heights one year.

We think this field was probably the one owned by the Peterson Farm Bros. but we aren’t sure. It could be someone else’s sunflower field!

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