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Sweet Shops & Dessert Places in Wichita

Dessert. This seven-letter word is the way to my heart!

One of my favorite things to do on a Saturday (or any other day of the week, for that matter) is to discover a new-to-me dessert shop right here in Wichita.

Getting dessert can be a great bonding time for friends, a special family outing that the kids will love, a nice low-pressure first date, or a good way to get together with work colleagues.

Of course, you can also just stop in at a local sweet shop to treat yourself – no reason required!

Below we have compiled a list of sweet shops, candy stores, and dessert places in Wichita that we’ve tried or readers have recommended. And believe me – we’ll be adding to this list as we add holes to our belts. Let it be your go-to guide the next time you have a sweet tooth.

Do you know of a great sweet shop or candy store we’ve missed? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Wichita Sweet Shops

Stop and stay a while at these Wichita dessert places.


A personal fave of ours. Their desserts are made fresh, you can even see where it all happens toward the back of the store. This little dessert shop in Delano has such a cute atmosphere. It might become your favorite too. 535 W Douglas Ave #140, Wichita, KS 67213

Churn and Burn

Now with two locations in Wichita, this place is an absolute treat if you love both coffee and ice cream. We already thought it was cool (pun intended) that they freeze the ice cream with liquid nitrogen, but we didn’t know the results would be so delicious. We went to the Oliver location, which has retro video games you can play in the casual, eclectic seating area. 548 S Oliver St, Wichita, KS 67218 and 11414 E. Central, Wichita, KS 67206

Hurts Donuts

Whenever you have a donut emergency – and who doesn’t, now and then – head to the Hurts Donuts shop on West 21st Street. This specialty donut shop advertises that it is open 25 hours a day, 8  days a week. They even have an Emergency Donut Vehicle they bring to communities in donut-crisis. 

Hurts Donut Whaambulance
Heavenly beams of light shining down on the Hurts Donuts emergency response vehicle when we visited once.

The Donut Whole

The best part about the Donut Whole is the donuts, but they also have a giant rooster outside above their shop, and that’s pretty great. Inside, you can grab a donut and coffee and sit to enjoy it, or you can get a dozen and be the most popular person at wherever you’re going. Some evenings they have live local entertainment. 1720 E Douglas Ave, Wichita, KS 67214 (And now they have a second location. Donut Whole Plus is at 3750 N. Woodlawn.)

Cocoa Dolce

This local shop makes artisan chocolate – the kind you take pictures of first, and then enjoy slowly. Everything is made in-house. They have three locations – one in Bradley Fair, one downtown, and one in NewMarket Square. You can sit and enjoy your chocolates in their seating area or take them with you. 2132 N. Rock Rd., Suite 100; 235 N. St. Francis; 2442 N. Maize Rd., Suite 123.

Little Lion Cafe

Closed. Rats! Wichita used to have to find the Little Lion ice cream carts around town to enjoy their made-from-scratch ice cream, waffles, coffee and other goodies, but now the Little Lion has a permanent cafe. It’s a little stone cottage in the new Revolutsia retail development at 2721 E. Central. Little Lion owners started a new business called Better Yet Coffee.

Candy Stores in Wichita

Where to pick up sweets and treats around town.

The Farris Wheel

When you walk into the Farris Wheel, you feel exactly like a kid in a candy store. It’s a terrible place to go if you’re indecisive – everything catches your eye and you want to try one of everything. Thankfully, they have a nice selection of bulk candies and nut mixes, and they offer weekly samples. It’s a perfect place when you’re feeling nostalgic for old-fashioned candies and sweets. In Cambridge Market, 9747 E. 21st St. N., Suite 107.

Rocket Fizz

This candy store in east Wichita is all about fun. You can buy sodas with the zaniest names, like Ranch, Pickle Juice, Apple Pie. (Some sound gross but taste good, but a few supposedly taste like they’re named – you’ll have to ask the staff or take your chances.) They also have classic soda flavors and candies. Everything here is novel and fun. Don’t miss it if you’re an adventurer. Oh, also remember it for April Fool’s Day. 2350 N. Greenwich Rd., Suite 700.

Nifty Nuthouse

Practically everyone in Wichita knows about Nifty Nuthouse, which Alton Brown called a national treasure. You can find great gifts here for special occasions, from fancy nut mixes to Easter baskets filled with kid favorites. 537 N. St. Francis, Wichita, KS 67214

Sweet N Saucy

This local place sells crazy sodas, candy, hot sauce, steak sauce, BBQ sauce, etc. and un-boring socks and cute bath products! We can’t wait to visit the shop, which is located at 535 W. Douglas, Suite 110, in Delano. It’s open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 


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