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Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Tanganyika Wildlife Park is a zoo in Goddard, Kansas, where you can feed, touch, meet, and learn about animals. It was named the most interactive Zoo in the Midwest with over 500 animals live in the park. 

Tanganyika Wildlife Park’s mission revolves around fostering connections between people and the natural world. By offering engaging and educational experiences, the park aims to inspire a deeper appreciation for wildlife and conservation efforts.

Visitors to Tanganyika Wildlife Park can expect a memorable and enriching adventure, where they can interact with some of the planet’s most fascinating and endangered species in ways that are both thrilling and educational.

Pro Tip: You can save $5 by purchasing your tickets online. 

Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard

 About Tanganyika Wildlife Park: 

  • Animal Experiences. Choose from over 15 experiences hand-crafted by Tanganyika keepers that deepen your connection to our rare and endangered species. Experience exotic animals like no one else in a boutique setting! Here is a list of Experiences Tanganyika Offers
  • Feedings for the Animals: Your All-Day Admission Pass includes five feeding stations, or you can purchase an Unlimited Pass for unlimited feeding. 

    • Animals You Can Feed
      • Indian Rhino – Feed and Touch
      • Pygmy Hipps – Feed
      • Rig-tailed Lemur – Feed
      • Giraffes – Feed
      • Lorikeets – Feed and Touch
      • African Tortoises – Feed and Touch
      • Bunnies – Feed and Touch
      • Guinea Pig – Feed and Touch
      • African Penguin – Feed (for an extra cost) 
  • Splash Park. When you purchase tickets to Tanganyika Wildlife Park, you will receive access to the zoo AND the splash park, which opens in May and closes on Labor Day weekend. The splash park is called Tanganyika Falls and has three waterslides, a water-tipping bucket, climbing structures, waterfalls, and more. 
    • Pro Tip about the Splash Park:
      • Bring your own towel! They do have towels available for a price. 
      • Kids 6 and under can enjoy the splash park from 9:30 – 10 before all the big kids. 
      • Swimsuits are not required, so that the kids can play in their t-shirts and shorts. 
  • Admission: 
  • Fun Facts about Tanganyika: 
    • They have 37 successful breeding programs. 
    • It’s a family-owned facility in Goddard; KS continues to be a world leader in breeding rare and endangered species. 
    • The zoo is on 51 acres and was built from the ground up. Some of you may have seen the movie We Bought A Zoo with Matt Damon, well they BUILT a zoo from the ground up!

Tanganyika Graphic

For more information visit Tanganyika Website

Tanganyika Deals: 

  • Tangayinka Season Pass Sale is typically the first of March each year. This is the best deal of the year where you can purchase a memberhsp for around $25 instead of $119. Find out more about the Tanganyika Season Pass Deal
  • Wild & Wet Wednesdays are typically in June and July where you can get discounted admission prices and the park has extended hours until 8 pm. Wet & Wild Wednesdays Deal

Tanganyika Splash Pad

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