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Kansas State Fair Carnival Discounts and Deals

Are you heading to the Kansas State Fair in 2023 and want a discount? Well, this will be good news: You can get discounted carnival ride wristbands until August 31 or discounted ride ticket sheets before the fair begins! Beginning September 1st, the price goes up, so buy early. If you miss the deal, we have some other options for you below. 

The Kansas State Fair has all the thrills and excitement you need for a fun-filled day! Nothing says carnival fun like bright lights, clacking rides, and smiles all around! Rides are thrilling, exhilarating, and downright fun – why else would they be such a hit?  Join the party and see for yourself why carnival rides are so much fun, but let us help you find the best deal. 

The Kansas State Fair is September 8 – 17, 2023

Carnival Deals and Discounts Kansas State Fair

Ride sheets and wristbands are the most cost-effective way to ride lots of carnival rides. Dillon’s One-Ticket Ride Day is another option to save you lots of money on rides at the Kansas State Fair. Find out more HERE. 

How much are Kansas State Fair carnival ride tickets?

  • Midway Wristband Days: Best Deal

    • These are times when you can have unlimited carnival rides with your wristband. 
    • There are 6 wristband days (Carnival hours vary each day). The advance price is $30 through August 31. Beginning September 1, the price is $35.
      • Midway Wristband days:
        •Friday, Sept 8
        •Tuesday, Sept 12
        •Wednesday, Sept 13
        •Thursday, Sept 14
        •Friday, Sept 15
        •Sunday, Sept 17
    • Click HERE to see more information about the Midway Schedual 
    • To give you an idea of how much money this will save you, most of the “big kid” rides take 3-5 tickets each. A sheet of 20 tickets cost $28 during the fair, so you could get about five or six rides from one sheet of carnival ride tickets. Or buy the wristband and get unlimited Midway rides on the days listed above.
    • One exception is during Dillon’s One Ticket Ride Day on Monday, September 11th. More about Dillon Dollar Day Here! 
  • Get a 20-ticket ride sheet for only $20
    • You must purchase before September 7 at the Fair or at a Dillions Store.
    • Starting Sept. 8, the price goes up to $28. These can be used on any day of the Fair. Rides typically take 3-5 tickets each.
  • All you can Ride on Dillon Dollar Day – September 11
  • 5 Ride Punch Card, $15
    • Allows for one ride each on the Ye Old Mill, State Fair Boats, Girant Yellow SLide, and KSF Railroad. This is a $20 value for $15.
    • Purchase at the Kansas State Fair Ticket Office before September 8th. Not available after. 

Midway Rides 2023 Kansas State Fair


How do you purchase carnival ride tickets and wristbands?

Visit the Kansas State Fair Midway Tickets page here in advance to get the best deals on ride tickets and wristbands! Be sure to read all the terms printed on the ticket pages to be sure you’re getting the deal you want!

Visit The Kansas State Fair website for more information and restrictions. 

Kansas State Fair Map 2023

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