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4x Fuel Points at Dillons

Dillons occasionally offers a digital coupon offer worth 4x fuel points. 

4x fuel points on gift cards with Dillons coupon


Usually the 4x points are on gift card purchases. But remember, you don’t necessarily have to use gift cards as gifts!

Consider buying gift cards at Dillons to use instead of cash. You’ll get the fuel points on your purchase, and the gift cards can help you stay within your budget.

Just don’t forget to download the digital coupon to your Dillons Shoppers Card. Find the latest promotions here.

How Dillons Fuel Points Work

The fuel points can be redeemed for automatic fuel savings at any Dillons Fuel Center or Kwik Shop. Points accrue based on how much you spend, just like they do when you buy groceries. But it happens four times faster with quadruple points.

Normally, when you spend $100 at Dillons, you’ll get 100 fuel points, which gives you a 10-cent discount on fuel from Dillons or Kwik Shops. But with the special gift card promotion you’ll get four times that amount. So in other words:

  • Spend $50 on the gift card and you’ll get 200 fuel points – that’s 20¢ off a gallon of gas at Dillons Fuel Center or Kwik Shops (with your Dillons card).
  • Spend $100 on the gift card at Dillons and you’ll get 400 fuel points – that’s 40¢ off a gallon.
  • Accumulate up to 1000 fuel points for the maximum of $1 off a gallon of gas.
  • Some restrictions do apply, see your local Dillons in Kansas or www.dillons.com for more information.

Then, whenever you get gas at a Kwik Shop or Dillons gas station, you’ll have the choice to redeem your fuel points as a cents-off-per-gallon discount (up to 35 gallons). This can result in ginormous fuel savings, especially if you do a lot of shopping at Dillons and/or participate in their fuel points promotions.

How to Get the Most from Your Fuel Points at Dillons

Most of us are trying to reduce our grocery expenses, so the idea of spending on gift cards or even just racking up a large grocery bill in order to get fuel points is not that appealing, even factoring in the gas savings. After all, 10 cents per gallon on the average 16-gallon tank of gas is just a buck sixty savings.

So the key here is to use our tips for getting the most from your fuel points, and the most fuel points for your money:

1. First, here’s a tip from smart readers: If you’re married, or you share your Dillons card with your mom or another family member, go to the gas station together, and fill up on the same transaction. You get the discount on up to 35 gallons, which will usually fill up at least two typical cars.

That’s not super convenient, but it does save double the money. I’ve done this myself and I’ve seen other people sharing pumps at the gas station, so I’m assuming that’s what they’re doing too! 🙂

2. Now another great tip: If you use coupons, the fuel points accrue based on the original price of your shopping bill, not the adjusted price after coupons. So you’re spending less money, but still getting all the fuel points you normally would. (At least that used to be the case; things change so quickly, it’s a good idea to double-check your own fuel points next time you use coupons at Dillons.)

3. Finally, here’s a gift card tip from Dillons: Gift cards can be used to make holiday or birthday shopping purchases for those on your list, to give as gifts, or enjoy a meal out during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

In other words, you can give them as gifts OR you can buy the gift cards to do your own shopping and get the Dillons fuel points as an extra bonus.

The 4x fuel points promotion isn’t available year-round. Keep an eye out for it around various holidays throughout the year. You also need to load a digital coupon onto your Dillons card to get the extra points. Additionally, Dillons doubles fuel points at other times of the year – particularly on weekends during the summer.

Remember to load the digital coupon to your Dillons card and use it before it expires to take advantage of the gas savings.

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