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Easter Egg Hunt Ideas & Ways to Save on Easter Celebrations

We love all holidays, but dont love breaking the bank. We have come up with some creative Easter Egg hunt ideas and ways to help you save money over Easter this year. The one thing all kids love about Easter is the Easter egg hunts. Kids also love candy, but here are some new ways to switch up the old-fashioned way of only candy that will help you save. 

With Easter around the corner, we want to ensure you have a fabulous day making memories while staying within budget. 

In this Easter Article:

  • Easter Ideas to Save You Money
  • Creative Easter Hunt Ideas
  • How to Save on Your Easter Celebration

How to Save this Easter

Easter Ideas to Save You Money:

  • FREE Easter Egg Hunt. We have compiled a list of Easter Egg Hunts in Wichita. Most are free, but not all. Take advantage of these excellent community events. 
  • Easter Baskets. I recently visited two Goodwills in Wichita, and both had tons of baskets great for Easter. Set a budget for filling your baskets and stick to it! If you want great deals, check out one of Wichita Bin Stores to help fill your Easter baskets. 
  • Give Practical Easter gifts you might already purchase, such as shoes, new toothbrushes, sports equipment, or a new swimsuit. 
  • Easter Outfits can get expensive. Check out our Outlets & Discount Stores list in Wichita and Thrift & Consignment Shops
  • Photos with the Easter BunnyFREE Eater Bunny Photo at Cabela’s
  • Buy Candy Last Minute. If you buy ahead of time, you will pay more. Buying candy as close to the holiday as possible will get you better deals. 
  • Tie-dye your Easter Eggs. Instead of purchasing dying kits, you only need food coloring, paper towels, and eggs. Boil your eggs and let them dry. Then, take the food coloring and drip different colors all over the paper town to cover the eggs. 
  • Egg Toss Game.  Find a partner and face each other with a raw egg. Throw the egg back and forth. After each completed toss, take a step back. If the egg breaks, then you are out. The last team standing wins! This is a fun and easy game to play. 
  • Egg and Spoon Race. This is a classic and entertaining game. Place an egg on a spoon and have each player hold the spoon with an egg on it. Have everyone line up and say “go,” and the first one to the finish line without breaking their egg wins. 

Easter Hunt Ideas

Creative Easter Hunt Ideas: 

Rewarding Eggs 

Instead of candy, replace some eggs with fun rewards or perks! Write them down on little slips of paper and put them in the egg. Each clue can lead to a bigger prize at the end.

Reward ideas:

  • Stay up an extra 30 minutes
  • Lunch with mom/dad
  • Dessert
  • Skip chores
  • Movie night
  • Bike ride
  • Yes day
  • Get ice cream
  • Choose dinner
  • Playdate
  • Sleepover
  • Extra screen time

Easter Egg Treasure Hunt 

Easter egg hunts can be too easy. Instead, write clues and put them around the house. Each clue should lead the children to their destination.


  • This little machine can heat up your lunch in no time, but let’s hope it didn’t cook your next clue (Microwave) 
  • Make sure to wash your hands after eating all the Easter candy, but dont wash away your next clue (Sink)
  • I am filled with feathers, and you like to rest your head on me (pillow)
  • I have two wheels, pedals, and a handlebar (Bike)

Golden Ticket Easter Egg Hunt 

Hide a golden ticket in one egg for each kid for a Willy Wonka-inspired Easter Egg hunt. Let them know they are only allowed one golden ticket each. They can trade their golden ticket egg for a bigger prize when they find their golden ticket egg.

Relay Race 

This Easter Egg hunt is suitable for the whole family.

What you’ll do:

  • Split the family (or kids) into teams.
  • Have one person find one egg at a time.
  • Once they find their first egg, they tag the next person.  
  • Then the next person will find one egg.
  • Repeat until all eggs are found.

Easter Egg Hunt for the Teens and Adults

Instead of candy, put prizes that you or your teens would like.

What to add:

  • Change or Cash
  • Gift cards
  • Lottery tickets 

Egg Hunting Blindfolded 

How to play:

  • Split into teams
  • Blindfold one person
  • Direct the blindfolded person to where the eggs are
  • Check out this TikTok video for reference

Puzzle Hunt 

What to do:

  • Buy a puzzle
  • Put one piece of the puzzle in one egg
  • Find the eggs 
  • Put puzzle is put together
  • Win a bigger prize

Click HERE for all the Easter Egg hunts and Events in Wichita, 2024.

How to Save on your Easter Celebration

How to Save on your Easter Celebration: 

Make it a potluck. Hosting is enough work, but that doesn’t mean you have to provide everything. We usually provide the main course and ask everyone attending to bring a side dish, appetizer, drinks, and dessert. 

Choose your Main Course on Local Deals. We have had the best luck at Aldi in Wichita with deals on ham.

Host an Easter Brunch. Easter is all about eggs, so why not host brunch? Typically, brunch items are less expensive than dinner meals. I love that I can make an egg casserole ahead of time to make it easier on Easter. Pancakes are also a cost-effective item to serve. 

Shop Your Pantry. See what you already have and use it! It’s amazing what you can find in your freezer or the back of the cabinet. This will help with your grocery bill. 



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