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Dollar Stores what to buy and what not to buy

The Dollar Store is a bargain hunter’s paradise with everything being $1 … well now I guess it’s $1.25. But anyways still a good deal. Did you know you aren’t always getting the best deal at the dollar store though? We have put together a list of the BEST Deals and what to skip. It’s all about spending wisely! 

Dollar Stores What to Buy and What NOT to Buy


Here is a list of what are the best deals at the Dollar Store: 

  1. Greeting Cards  – They have a great selection and you can get multiple cards for the price you would pay at other stores.
  2. Stickers and Activity book – This is great when your kids like to color as much as mine do. They also have cute baskets that are great for an inexpensive gift basket with stickers, a coloring book, and more. Coloring books always get used. 
  3.  Storage and Organization Containers – Plastic storage bins come in handy for so many reasons. To hold toys, crafts, gloves, snacks, and more. Don’t spend the extra money to get organized. They even have cute sticker labels to help you get organized. 
  4. Glass and Drinkware – You can get beautiful drinking glasses, bowls, plates, and mugs. The best part is you won’t get so mad when one breaks.
  5. Bathroom Items – I do not recommend buying their toilet paper but they have lots of other great deals. Don’t pay full price for shower liners, trashcans, shower accessories, bath mats, and more. 
  6. Reading Glasses – Yes, you can’t beat $1.25 especially if you lose them, scratch them or break them. It’s fun to have different options of styles and at this price, you can get a few to have around the house. 
  7. Cleaning Supplies – You can find name-brand cleaners at the Dollar Store or try a generic brand. 
  8. Travel-Sized Items – They have mini sizes or go for the reusable ones that you can refill so that means you save even more money. 
  9. Seasonal Decor – I love decorating for holidays and this is a great way to feel festive without breaking the bank. 
  10. Table Centerpieces – They have tons of vases, candles, and holiday decor. Get creative! 
  11. Party Supplies – My favorite section. This is a one-stop shop for party supplies. They have balloons, paper goods, and decorations. 

Now here is what you should NOT buy at the Dollar Store. 

  1. Canned Good – That’s right! You can usually get cheaper at Dillions. When you are at Dillion’s look at the top and bottom rows. You can usually find cans of most can goods for $0.77 instead of paying $1.25. 
  2. Medications – Always look to see if they are expired. I have heard that can happen. What they sell at the Dollar Store are such small bottles it’s better to get the generic brand at the grocery store.
  3. Toilet Paper – There’s a major difference between good toilet paper and bad toilet paper. It’s so thin you will end up using more so in the long run get the better toilet paper somewhere else. 
  4. Power Strips – This comes from a good friend of our that’s a firefighter. Not worth the risk of a fire hazard. Get a more reputable brand. 
  5. Tech Items – It’s simple they just don’t work as well or last as long so you will be buying new again soon. 
  6. Cosmetics – If it’s name brand grab it! But if it’s generic is better to keep on walking. They are inexpensive for a reason probably due to fillers. What you put on your skin matters so look for coupons to shop elsewhere. 

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