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Wichita Public Library offers eBooks and audiobooks online for free

The Wichita Public Library has offered free ebooks for years now, and recently expanded its offering to include free audiobooks as well. You will need a library card to use the service, along with an app that you download to your phone.

Did you know your Wichita Public Library card lets you download e-books for free? Just download the free Overdrive app to find all the books available for you. They can be checked out for as long as 3 weeks and automatically ‘expire’ out of your device, meaning there is never a late fee.

This is a deal that saves me so much money! (In fact, it literally saved me $17.98 because the library had two books my teenager and I wanted to read.)

The selection is extensive, and you can check out up to 8 e-books or audio books (or a combination of both) at a time for a period of 1-3 weeks. If a book is already “checked out” – i.e. all the e-copies are borrowed by other readers – you can place a hold on it and you’ll be notified when the title is available again. 

All you need is a Wichita library card and a compatible device – which could be a dedicated e-reader or just your phone, tablet, or computer. Sign up for an account at wichitaereads.com and get started on that book-cation.*

*book-cation: n. When you catch a few spare hours to read.

The library also now offers free audiobooks as well. 

How to get a library card for Wichita Public Library

Anyone can get a library card from WPL, although if you aren’t a Kansas resident your borrowing options will be limited. But you don’t have to live within the Wichita city limits. Library cards normally have to be obtained in person at a Wichita Public Library branch. It’s simple enough. Just provide printed identification with your name and current address (photo ID is preferred). Kids under 18 will need an adult with them in order to get a library card. 

In special circumstances, you may be able to get a library eCard by phone!

To check out free ebook from the library, you can use the free OverDrive app or the free Kindle app for your phone. Audiobooks are available exclusively on the Libby by OverDrive app. 

Libby by OverDrive is available for iPhone, Android, or Microsoft Windows. 

Once you signed in to the app with your library card information, you can access all the library’s available titles. 

To browse available titles, visit WichitaeReads.com For links to the Libby OverDrive app available for compatible devices, visit WichitaLibrary.org and click on the Books & More tab. Sometimes you do need to place a hold on a book if someone else has it checked out. The library will email you when the book is available.

The state library for Kansas also has a variety of free e-reading and audiobook resources. For these, you’ll need a Kansas Library Card. You can get a Kansas Library Card at any public library in Kansas and at school or academic libraries. The card will allow you to use a wide variety of digital materials including research databases, ebooks, audiobooks, and more. 

We have many more free e-reading sources listed here on this page

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