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Wendy’s ‘Feed the Fam’ deals

It may be fast food, but it doesn’t always mean it’s easy on the wallet – especially for families.

Pulling up to the drive-thru can be costly, when you’re feeding multiple mouths. However, Wendy’s is making it a little more palatable with its meal bundles for under $20.

four fries and sandwiches from Wendy's
Photo: Wendy’s

For a limited time, the popular chain offers Feed The Fam Deals for just $15 at participating locations.

Prices may vary by location. Plus, the menu items included may change periodically, as well as the availability of additional bundles. 

The meal bundle includes the following:

Two (2) Spicy Chicken Sandwiches — reg. $5.29 each

Four (4) Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers — reg. $3 each

Four (4) Small Natural-Cut Fries — reg. $1.99 each

In total, it’s about $30 worth of food, so it definitely offers significant savings at nearly 50% off.

The bundle does not include beverages. However, keep it budget-friendly by simply also ordering a few cups of water — a no-cost and healthy option. If you absolutely need a soft drink with your meal, consider ordering a large, ask for an extra cup or two and share the sips. (If you’re dining in-restaurant, many locations offer complimentary refills.)

The bargain bundle is available online via Wendy’s site or app. It may also be available in-restaurant, just ask first before ordering.

And, if you’re a regular, join the chain’s loyalty program Wendy’s Rewards for FREE food and exclusive discounts. 

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