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Starbucks Rewards members earn discount, bonus stars with reusable cup

Enjoying a coffee or tea is a daily ritual for many and there’s a good chance they’re getting their fill at Starbucks. With so many cups being poured every day, it also means there’s an unfortunate by-product — lots and lots of empty white cups. 

To reduce the waste, Starbucks is making it more valuable for customers to bring a reusable cup to the café for their daily drink. 

Starbucks reusable cups
Image: Starbucks

Starting Earth Day, April 22, Starbucks Rewards members earn a discount and stars every time they bring a reusable cup for their drink — 10 cents off their beverage and 25 Bonus Stars added to their account. Be sure your cup is clean!

The discount may seem minimal, but, as everyone knows, change adds up. The frequent customer could save a few bucks every month.

However, the true incentive is with the Bonus Stars. Twenty-five Stars earns Starbucks Rewards members a FREE customization on a drink, including an espresso shot, dairy substitute, added syrup and more.

And 150 Stars earns a FREE handcrafted drink (or breakfast sandwich.)

That means bring a reusable cup in just six times for a FREE beverage of your choice. Depending on the drink, size and customizations, members could enjoy a complimentary drink valued at $7 to $8.

Thanks to the incentive, loyal customers could easily earn a few FREE drinks every month. 

The offer is valid at participating locations on in-store beverage purchases only — up to three times per day. 

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