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State Park Passport: save on Kansas State Parks when you renew your tags

State Park Kansas

Kansas State Parks annual vehicle pass

Save on Kansas State Parks Annual Vehicle Pass When You Renew Your Tags

When you renew your tags in Kansas this year, you’ll have an extra option: You can get a big discount on the Kansas State Parks annual vehicle pass during the registration process.

The permit – called a Kansas State Parks Passport – will only cost $15.50 per vehicle.

The regular price of the annual vehicle permit is $25, so you’ll save $9.50 if you buy the permit as part of your Kansas vehicle registration process. The pass will expire when your vehicle registration expires a year later.

Kansas State Parks Passport

The annual pass covers the fee you normally pay when you bring your vehicle into one of the Kansas State Parks. Typically, this fee is $5 per vehicle, per day.

Paying $5 per carload to spend a day at the lake isn’t bad, but when you have the Kansas State Parks Passport, you can go a lot more frequently! And there’s no pressure to stay the entire day if you just want to swim for a couple of hours. 

The Kansas State Parks Passport will cover the vehicle fees at any of Kansas’ state parks. Note that the vehicle pass does not cover any other fees, like camping or trail permits. But if you’re a fan of camping, fishing, and hiking, the annual pass will pay for itself on your third or fourth day at any Kansas State Park. We camp, and because we have the Passport on all of our vehicles we are able to bring a second vehicle (if we want to) at no additional charge. 

Residents who are 65 years and up or people with disabilities who already display a special license or placard from the state of Kansas may be eligible for an even lower fee for state park access, but that is separate from the State Park Passport you can sign up for when you renew your tags.

For more information about the Kansas State Parks Passport program, read the news release at KansasOutdoors.com


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