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LEGO 60th Anniversary Deals!

Classic limited edition LEGO 60th anniversary set available at Walmart!
You can get this Classic limited edition Bricks on a Roll LEGO set now at Walmart.com

Wow, the world’s most popular toy building bricks were actually introduced to shoppers in 1958. Walmart is going to have some really, really great LEGO 60th anniversary deals on its website and in-store beginning on February 1.

Click here to see them at the Walmart website.

LEGO limited edition 60th anniversary classic sets

Some of these special anniversary LEGO sets are going to be limited edition; at least one is being marked down to its 1958 price! And obviously these are going to be snapped up almost instantly, with their cool colors and $5.65 price tag.

LEGO 60th Anniversary set 1958 price

But you have as good a chance as anybody. 🙂 Go to the Walmart website here to read more about the LEGO Anniversary deals.

The Limited Edition LEGO sets are going to be released on February 1, 5, and 9, and the Classic LEGO Sets for 1958 prices are going to be for sale February 3, 7, and 11, 2018. I’ve read that the 1958 price sets are only going to be available online here at Walmart.com; I’ll let you know if/when I can confirm that as true.

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