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Hurts Donut: Free roll of TP with Dirty Dozen purchase

The award for humorous/novel marketing tactics usually goes to Hurts Donuts, and this offer is no exception.

Hurts Donuts in west Wichita is offering a FREE roll of toilet paper with any purchase of their “Dirty Dozen” donuts (while supplies last!). 

So if you’ve been looking for a place that still has toilet paper in Wichita, and you wouldn’t mind a delicious, inventively decorated dozen of donuts thrown into the bargain, be sure to stop by Hurts Donuts early on Friday morning. The promotion starts at 7 a.m.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The printed donuts shown in the picture above are available by pre-order only, so be sure to call 680-6828 to order. 

The price for a dozen of any round donut in the case – including the Dirty Dozen – is $16.50 plus tax. Considering that we might be paying that much for one roll of black market t.p., that’s a good deal. (Kidding! Lots of stores in Wichita still have t.p. Members of the Wichita on the Cheap Insiders Facebook group have been sharing them.)

Hurts Donuts is located 7010 West 21st Street North in Wichita, KS. It’s a fun little place you should definitely visit.

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