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Cheap and Easy Games to Play at Home

Every family should have a game night. Getting together as a family is important and playing
games together teaches kids simple social skills like taking turns, following rules, teamwork, and
being able to win or lose. It is also an excellent opportunity for families or friends to get together and bond with one another. Here are some great ways to get together and have some fun:

Fun, Easy & Cheap Games to Play at Home: 

1. How do you DOO
How to play:
– Split up in teams and take turns singing and guessing songs that the other team is
– The catch? You can only sing the word “Doo”

2. The Flour Game
What you need:
– Flour
– Measuring cup
– A plate
– Pieces of candy
How to play:
– Fill a measuring cup full of flour
– Flip it upside down on a plate
– Set a piece of desired candy on top of the flour
– Each person takes a turn cutting the flour with a knife
– Whoever makes the candy fall, has to fish it out with their mouth, getting their face
messy with flour

Cheap and Easy Games to Play at Home

3. Headbands (but with sticky notes)
What you need:
– Sticky notes
– Pen or pencil
How to play:
– Write down multiple nouns on multiple sticky notes
– Put sticky notes on your head
– Guess what the noun is on your head

4. Cotton Ball Glitz
What you need:
– Cotton balls
– Lotion
– A bowl
How to play:
– Put cotton balls in a bowl
– Players lather lotion on their nose
– Whoever gets the most cotton balls out of the bowl with their nose wins

5. Bubble Gum Race
What you need:
– Bubble gum
– Whipped cream
– A plate
How to play:
– Place a stick of bubble gum on a plate
– Cover the plate with whipped cream
– Find the piece of gum on the plate without using your hands

6. Guess What’s in the Bag
What you need:
– Paper bags
– Different-shaped items
How to play:
– Gather different-shaped items
– Everyone sticks their hands in the bag and guesses the item without looking

7. Crazy Face
What you need:
– Shaving cream
– Cheese balls
How to play:
– Split into teams
– One team covers over team member’s face with shaving cream
– Then someone says “go,” and everyone starts throwing cheeseballs to try to stick to
their face

8. Suck It Up Straw Race
What you need:
– Straws
– Goldfish
– Two plates
How to play:
– Place goldfish on a plate
– Use a straw to suck up the goldfish
– Try to transfer as many goldfish onto the other plate as quickly as possible

9. Face the Cookie
What you need:
– An Oreo or any kind of cookie
How to play:
– Place the cookie on your forehead
– Try to get the cookie into your mouth as quickly as you can
– Without using your hands

10. Ping Pong Transfer
What you need:
– Ping-pong balls
– Two plates
– Spoons
How to play:
– Split into teams
– Place ping pong balls on one plate
– Put a spoon in your mouth
– Use the spoon to scoop up the ping pong balls to transfer onto the other plate
– First one to transfer them all wins

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