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The TBT Basketball Tournament in Wichita

What is the TBT Basketball tournament in Wichita? It is an action-packed Basketball Tournament that kicks off in July in Wichita.  64 teams are competing in a winner-take-all tournament for a chance to win the $1 MILLION prize money. Don’t miss out on the chance to see history in the making. Tune in or come join them at Koch Arean for some of the most thrilling basketball games of the summer. 

TBT Basketball Tournament

More About TBT Basketball Tournant: 

  • 64 teams compete, which is similar to March Madness.
  • Most of the teams are made up of alums of a specific school.
  • Wichita State, Kansas, and Kansas State all have teams that play.
  • The TBT is played in 8 different cities around the county this summer. We are excited to have Wichita as one of the 8 locations! 
  • Prices: Start at $15 for 3 basketball games. Get your tickets HERE 
  • Click here to learn more. Visit the TBT website HERE.
  • 2023 Dates: July 17 – July 25

Elam Ending:

The TBT has a different ending to the basketball game, and it’s called the Elam Ending.

    • The game clock is shut off in the fourth quarter.
    • A target score is set by adding 8 points to the leading team’s score. That number is the target score to win the game. 
    • The first team to reach the target score wins
    • Example from their website:
      • If the score is 80-72, the Target Score becomes 88. The first team to reach 88 wins. Once the game clock is eliminated, trailing teams are allowed to focus on getting stops rather than preventing the clock from running out. This results in great defense and pure basketball possessions all the way through the end.
      • “Under a timed format, games rarely end with a series of meaningful possessions. The clock typically forces trailing teams to foul, resulting in all-too-frequent parades to the free-throw line, with the trailing team rarely coming back to win. The Elam Ending allows teams to play at a high level — both offensively and defensively — all the way through the end of the game. They can’t use the clock as a crutch. It also calls for clutch performers to step up at the end of each game and hit a game-winning shot.” from – The Tournament website.

elam ending for TBT Tournament Wichita

Video of the Elam Ending 

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