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Kindle or No Kindle — Cheap e-Reading

I would like one of these but it’s not on my “need” or even my “splurge” list just yet. (BTW, that’s an affiliate link. If you use it to buy something at Amazon, I might get a small commission. Which I might save up and use to buy a Kindle. Anyway…)

But there’s another way to get the instant gratification of downloading books, without the Kindle. The free Kindle Reading App is available for PC, Mac, IPhone, IPad, Android, Blackberry, and others. While it’s not the same as having a nice lightweight e-reader, it does open up access to the nearly 500,000+ books on Amazon, many of which are free.

With one of these, I could skip hardcover prices altogether and get the newest Lee Child novel on the day it’s released (today, as a matter of fact) for only $9.99. I can also subscribe to the Kindle version of many newspapers and magazines, or read the newsfeeds of my favorite blogs (like Wichita on the Cheap, for instance!) in Kindle format.

But mainly I will download it for the books. Especially the free ones.

It won’t replace real books — at least I don’t think so. Are you even able to read a Kindle in the tub? (I’m sure not taking my laptop in with me.) And what would I do without shelves full of my favorite books? Finishing a really great one and putting it on the shelf to keep, rather than to pass along, is a favorite ritual for more people than just me. But this thing of getting new books cheap? I can’t help being drawn to the idea. It’s like NOT having to wait for a movie to come out on DVD.

Now there’s an idea…

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