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Free Movie at the Murdock Theatre

If you enjoy French films, you might like the Murdock Theatre’s Friday film, Delicatessen (by the same director as Ame Lie). The regular admission price is $5 (and includes a complimentary fur coat to wear during the performance–really!), but you can get in for free on Friday, March 5, 2010. Here’s how:

Fan Murdock Theatre on Facebook and leave a comment with the words “Wichita on the Cheap,” or Retweet this tweet on Twitter.

That’s all there is to it. You get free entertainment on Friday night and the opportunity to impress your friends with your knowledge of foreign films and fine furs.

Note: Be sure to read the description of the movie before you decide to go! 😀 It might not suit everyone’s tastes.

About the film:
Gentle clown Louison (Dominique Pinon) moves into a tenement with a deli on the ground floor and falls for the butcher’s daughter, Julie (Marie-Laure Dougnac). But it’s soon discovered that her father (Jean-Claude Dreyfus) is really butchering people (à la Sweeney Todd) and selling the meat to tenants. At a crossroads, Julie must decide whether to remain loyal to her father or expose him to save Louison from becoming the next entrée.

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