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Arctic Adventure at Exploration Place

Arctic Adventure at Exploration Place is an exhibit that is free with general admission. It will be open from  November 10 – January 7, 2024. This exhibit is a winter indoor playground with new activities, returning favorites, and the addition of new spaces – indoors and out! Spanning four exhibit galleries, Arctic Adventure is a journey through different winter lands that provides opportunities to interact with and explore cold-weather activities, animals, geography, and even a touch of fantasy.

Arctic Adventure has multiple games and experiences. You can walk/play while the walls and floors react to your movement. This was our favorite.  It’s hard to explain, but I strongly recommend experiencing it yourself. 

Arctic Adventure at Exploration Place

Exploration Place remains a cherished family destination for us, particularly in the winter when we seek indoor activities to keep our daughter engaged. Our membership grants us free admission, making it a frequent go-to spot for us. The variety of activities and exhibits ensures that each visit feels like a fresh and exciting experience. The venue’s dynamic offerings make it an ideal choice for keeping our daughter active and entertained while enjoying the perks of our membership. Find out about Exploration Place Memberships HERE. 

WOTC Pro Tip: They are running a Black Friday deal where you can get 20% off any membership level from November 24 – 27. 

New for 2023 at Exploration Place: 

  • Crystal Castle: The Castle has been transformed into an enchanting cold-weather playscape. The once-familiar turrets and passageways have been adorned with ice, snow, Theremin crystals and winter prisms that cast a magical glow over the kingdom. Sit on a throne of ice, rule over an 8? tall animatronic solstice dragon, adventure through a black-light hallway and picture yourself with magical fairy wings.
  • Ice Cave: Choose from a variety of winter animals and watch your drawing come alive with the popular interactive, Polar Palette. Go ice skating in your winter socks and interact with digital cave walls using your body and movements as the controller.
  • Whispering Woodlands: Step into an immersive sound and light environment in our outdoor picnic area. Interact with mysterious trees and blend your voice with the surrounding soundscape. Whispering Woodlands was created and installed by TechArtICT, which envisions work that captivates and engages audiences by enveloping them in multi-sensory experiences.

Visit the Exploration Place website for more info and to get your tickets today. 

Arctic Adventure Exploration Place

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