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Wichita Sky Kings Basketball Team at Koch Arena

The Wichita Sky Kings is a newer Pro TBL basketball team in Wichita, KS. They will be playing at Koch Arean at Wichita State University. Each game is more than just a Basketball game. They have other entertainment like DJs, guest celebrities, and sometimes mini-concerts at halftime. 

It’s a fantastic blend of sports and entertainment! Adding these fun elements creates a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for fans attending the games. It’s not just about the action on the court, but also about providing the audience with a memorable and entertaining experience. It adds a unique touch to the overall event and makes attending the games an exciting and well-rounded experience. The best part is it’s an affordable night out, and kids under 10 are FREE. 

Wichita SkyKings Basketball

What does TBL mean?

  • It’s short for The Basketball League. It’s a minor-league basketball organization with 44 teams across North America. 

How much are the kid’s tickets? 

Why should I go to a game? 

  • This is not just a basketball game!! At each game, they will have some kind of other entertainment like different Celebrities, DJs, sometimes a mini-concert at half-time, and more.
    • The Celebrities you can meet at the games with the price of admission. (last year, if you went to the home opener, you could meet Brian Baumgartner, who plays Kevin Malone from the hit TV show The Office.)
      • You could meet Kevin Malone 1 hour before the game and at half time. 
      • Anyone at the game can do the meet and greet. 
  • See talented players that have played professionally or that might go pro: high-quality basketball, great competition, and something fun for all ages.
  • They will have a kids’ section where the team will give extra attention.
  • They will have lots of giveaways: T-shirts, hats, prize money for half-court shots, and more.

SkyKings Wichita

Picuture from a TBL game. 

Who typically plays in the TBL league?

  • D-1 athletes and professionals who have been playing overseas and in the States. 

How long is their season? 

  • It runs from March to June. They have 13 home games and about 25 total games.

How did they come up with the team name? 

  • The team is named after a Cessna plane in the 60s. A fantastic tribute to the history of Aviation in Wichita. 

Who is the Coach of the Wichita Sky Kings? 

  • Coach Sean Flynn

How much are the Tickets? 


  • Wichita State University will run it. Regular concession, and they will be selling alcohol. 


  • It will be run by Wichita State University.

Best Deal 

  • Season Tickets – 
    • If you buy a season ticket for $99, that’s around $7 per game, and remember, kids 10 and under are FREE.
    • If you attend at least 3 games, it’s worth getting a season ticket because the price per game is $29. 

SkyKings Wichita

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