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Wichita Sky Kings Basketball Team at Koch Arena

The Wichita Sky Kings is a new Pro TBL basketball team in Wichita, KS. They will be playing at Koch Arean at Wichita State University. 

WOTC Fun Fact: If you go to the home opener on March 17-19, you can meet Brian Baumgartner who plays Kevin Malone from the hit TV show The Office. 

Wichita SkyKings Basketball

What does TBL mean?

  • It’s short for The Basketball League. It’s a minor-league basketball organization with 44 teams across North America. 

How much are the kid’s tickets? 

Why should I go to a game? 

  • This is not just a basketball game!! At each game, they will have some kind of other entertainment like different Celebrities, DJs, sometimes a mini-concert at half-time, and more.
    • The Celebrities you can meet at the games with the price of admission. (If you go to the home opener on March 17-19, you can meet Brian Baumgartner who plays Kevin Malone from the hit TV show The Office.)
      • You can meet Kevin Malone 1 hour before the game and at half time. 
      • Anyone at the game can do the meet and greet. 
  • See talented players that have played professionally or that might go pro. High-quality basketball, great competition, and something fun for all ages.
  • They will have a kid’s section that the team will give extra attention.
  • They will have lots of giveaways. T-shirts, hats, prize money for half-court shots, and more.

SkyKings Wichita

Picuture from a TBL game. 

Who typically plays in the TBL league?

  • D-1 athletes and professionals that have been playing overseas and in the States. 

How long is their season? 

  • It runs from March-early June. They have 13 home games and about 25 total games.

How did they come up with the team name? 

  • The team is named after a Cessna plane in the 60s. A fantastic tribute to the history of Aviation in Wichita. 

Some Fun Facts about a few of the players? 

  • Teddy Allen – You might recognize his name because he was on the Wichita State University basketball team before transferring. He was the MAC player of the year in 2022! 
  • Charlie Marquardt -During practice this year he made 80 – 3 point shots in a row and is considered one of the best 3-point shooters in the County. 
  • Justin Moss – Was the MAC player of the year in 2015. 

Who is the Coach of the Wichita Sky Kings? 

  • Coach Sean Flynn

How much are the Tickets? 


  • It will be run by Wichita State University. Regular concession and they will be selling alcohol. 


  • Will be run by Wichita State University.

Best Deal 

  • Season Tickets – 
    • If you buy season ticket for $99 that’s around $7 per game and remember kids 10 and under are FREE.
    • If attend at least 3 games it’s worth getting a season ticket because the price per game is $29. 

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SkyKings Wichita

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