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New map shows you where to find Wichita food trucks

Wichita Food Trucks mapFood truck fans now have an easier way to find out which trucks are going to be parked nearby. The Wichita Food Truck Coalition launched a new interactive map on its website, showing you at a glance where trucks are going to be on any given day,  allowing you to plan up to a week in advance if you want to. The map works on both desktop and mobile devices.

The map is easy to use for anyone who is familiar with Google maps. Pins mark the location of each food truck, and you just click on a pin to see the name and description of the truck, and the hours and address of the location where it will be parked. Social media buttons give you easy access to the truck’s various social media accounts, where you could find more information or ask a question.

The map is up and running at the easy-to-remember URL, wichitafoodtrucks.com. Check it out and support local foodies.

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