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Tanganyika Season Pass Sale Membership Deal 2023

The Tanganyika Season Pass sale is back for 2023! This is usually the best deal of the year on this favorite attraction in Wichita. The 2023 Season Pass Sale starts March 1, so get your purchasing fingers ready on the keyboard. Or you can buy the pass in person at the park when the sale officially begins.

For several years, Tanganyika Wildlife Park has offered its season pass at a sale price that is about the same price as one adult visit! The season passes included optional VIP upgrades. This is the best DEAL! 

It used to be $19.99 then they increased it to $24.99, which was fair considering the extra perks they added and that the pass was inexpensive in the first place. The season pass sale was a no-brainer for most families, which is why everyone bought it. This year they have lowered the price! 

Tanganyika Season Pass Sale

Experience the wild for less – Season Pass on Sale March 1 – 15, 2023: 
Tanagnyika’s three different tiers of season passes make sure that everyone has the opportunity to escape from the chaos and stress of today’s world and reconnect with their wildside. When you walk through the gates, let the stress and worry float away and just let yourself be a kid again and connect with your troop of people and our herd of animals. 
“Text in “escape” to be the first to know when the sale goes live: (316) 553-4650″ 

Season Pass Deals for 2023:

Basic Pass $24.99 – $99 value!

  • Unlimited visits all season
  •  Tanganyika Falls splash park access

Gold Pass $249.99 or monthly payment of $22  – $950 value!

  • Guest Pass (every visit, includes feedings)
  • 4 Extra One-time Admission Passes
  •  Unlimited visits all season
  •  Tanganyika Falls splash park access
  •  Animal feedings (UNLIMITED)
  •  Bonus ($100 gift card that can be used anywhere in the park)
  •  Exclusive winter access & activities
  •  Wild Wednesdays (Summer only)
  •  Free souvenir (t-shirt)
  •  Early entry (Summer only)
  •  Printed membership card
  •  No capacity restrictions
  •  Variety of park discounts
  • Welcome bag with extra goodies and information on your perks 
  • Free admission to ZAA zoos (will be calling to set up a reciprocal program but will reimburse them if they visit and it’s not honored) 
  • Free fortune Friday
  • Kids eat free on Mondays with a gold pass holder 
  • 10 goat/koi food tokens
Silver Pass $97.99 or monthly payment of $9 – $425 value!
  • 4 Extra One-time Admission Passes
  •  Unlimited visits all season
  •  Tanganyika Falls splash park access
  •  Animal feedings (5 per visit)
  •  $10 off experiences all year
  •  Exclusive winter access & activities
  •  Free access Wild Wednesday an evening event all summer
  • free souvenir bumper magnet
  •  Printed membership card
  •  Variety of park discounts
  • Free fortune Friday 
  • 5 goat/koi food tokens

Add-ons at Tanganyika:

  • Feeding bracelet bundles 5 for $40 and 10 for $75
  • Connect and Preserve Package – Plush, Sticker, and Animal Painting (offer sloth, otter, rhino, lemur) 30% percentage is donated to conservation
  • Souvenir Cup
  • Some popular gift shop items
  • Re-fillable popcorn container
  • Guest Pass $49.99
  • Baby Pass $0

Some things to remember: 

  1. Their passes are individual; every individual from 3 to 89 years old needs their own pass. 
  2. Their passes are mixed and matched! Buy Silver Passes for the kids and then add on basic passes for the adults. The kids can feed 5 times each visit, and the parents can tag along. 
  3. The GOLD PASS is a steal…and it sells out every year. If you’re a family of four, buying two Gold Passes for the kids gets them and two adults in with them every visit.
  4. These are SEASON passes, Tanganyika is closed from mid-November to spring break in March. Silver and Gold pass holders do get special winter access throughout the winter. 
  5. Monthly Payment Plans are ONLY available for these passes during the sale. Choose Silver passes for $9/month and Gold for $22/month. 
  6. ASK FOR OUR HELP! They might not get back to you immediately as there are only a few workers on the other side of this screen assisting 10’s of thousands of season pass holders, but they want to help you pick the perfect pass! So just text us at 316-553-4650 if you want to chat, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. 

Recap of prices in the past: 

  • For 2023, it is $24.99, which is cheaper than last year
  • 2022 it was $39.99 
  • 2021 it was $19.99

Before we talk further, everyone needs to understand that a business has the right to set any price it pleases. I’ve always appreciated Tanganyika Wildlife Park and the fact that they offered such an incredible, unbelievable deal to us every season. If they need to increase the price or decrease it, that is totally fair of them. We are just glad this year the price decreased! 

Your question is just whether that means it is affordable for you or not. Simple math – there’s no moral dilemma here or criticism of people or businesses. (Everyone is quick to criticize; I think people are all just doing their best, and that knee-jerk criticism is just lazy thinking.)

Does Tanganyika Have a Family Pass?

Each year, people ask if Tanganyika has a Family Pass and so far, the wildlife park has declined to offer one, opting for its Season Pass Sale instead. 

How Many Discount Season Passes Do I Need?

During this special sale, the price is per person, any age. This is a discount, but you do need a separate pass for each person in the family who is 3 and older. One year I realized I only needed two passes because certain family members (not going to name names…) really weren’t likely to go. 🙂 So keep that in mind when you’re deciding how many passes you need.

Kids with Tanganyika kangaroo

You can purchase the discounted passes online (see the link at the end of this post) or at the park beginning March 1.

Tanganyika Open Dates

The park opens for the season in mid-March, according to the website. Be sure to pick up your Tanganyika Wildlife Park season passes while they’re available for the discounted price, and you’ll be able to visit the park all season long!

Tanganyika Season Pass Sale

Date: March 1-15, 2023
Where: Tanganyika Wildlife Park, 1000 S. Hawkins Ln., Goddard, KS 67052
Cost: Varies (see above)
For more information and to purchase your pass, visit http://www.twpark.com/seasonpass

Regular-Price Season Passes

After March 15, you can still purchase season passes at the regular prices. Or you can take advantage of a $2 per person admission discount with the Visit Wichita Explore Card.

Feeding the colorful birds at Tanganyika


Baby cats in nursery at Tanganyika Wildlife Park

Tanganyika giraffe running at sunset

Family looking at Tanganyika tiger

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