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Where to go Sledding & Snow Day Fun in Wichita

Yes, it’s a snow day in Wichita. The first order of business is to make a snow fort or have a snowball fight or sled down the stairs on the back deck, but once our hands are frozen, what’s there to do?

Here are some ideas. Please add some of your own if you have any!

(And if you scroll down, we share a couple of good sledding hills in Wichita. If you know of any we missed, tell us about them in the comments.)

Make SNOW ice cream! Jennifer shared this on our Facebook page:

“How about a snow ice cream recipe? Just mix 8 cups clean fresh snow with 1 cup milk, half cup sugar, and half tablespoon vanilla. Yum! You can also add chocolate syrup. Thanks, Jennifer!

You can substitute 1 can of sweetened condensed milk for the milk and sugar. Other readers suggested using KoolAid or Jello to make a homemade snow cone.

Snow Day Fun and Where to Sled in Wichita

Try Some Crafty Things!

  • Check out my absolute favorite homemade play dough recipe here at Wichita on the Cheap.
  • Homemade Puffy Paint: We’re trying this today.
  • No sled? No problem. Here’s a list of DIY Sleds:
    • Cookie Sheet
    • Baby Pool
    • Boogie Board
    • Storage container lids
    • Laundry basket
    • Vinal outdoor cushions

Play Some Old School Games:

  • Hide and Seek
  • Hangman
  • Simon Says
  • Mother May I
  • Make a Hopscotch with painter’s tape
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Telephone
  • Twenty Question

Sledding Hills in Wichita

Before you sled on any hill make sure that it is public property and that you are allowed to sled on it.

Where to Sled in Wichita: 

    • College Hill Park -East Wichita
    • Sedgwick County Park – West Wichita
    • Mid- American All Indian Center – Central 
    • Oliver & George Washington Blvd. – South Wichita
    • West Kellogg near Cracker Barrel – West Wichita
    • McCall’s Hill  – Ark City
    • El Dorado Lake Dam – El Dorado  

Other Activities on Snow Days:

  • Bundle up and go Ice Skating at Chicken N Pickle on their ice rink. 
  • Dig through your cabinets and make those box brownies or cake mix you have been meaning to make.  
  • Make paper snowflakes. 
  • Bring out the board games. 
  • Create Snow paintings. Bring a container of snow inside and use food coloring tp to on it. Hurry before it melts.
  • Make shrinky dinks 

If the roads are okay for driving, you could also find something to do on our huge list of places for indoor fun in Wichita.


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