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Kite-Flying Events in the Wichita area

This is the perfect thing to do on a nice day, and you have lots and lots of space to spread out. Read on for our list of 2024 Kite Flying Events around Wichita.

And even without a kite-flying event, you can still enjoy this fun and FREE activity! Check out our article on The Best Places to Fly Kites in Wichita for where to go, tips for successful flying, and a few guidelines for safely flying kites.

Flying a kite in Wichita, KS at a kite festival

Can you remember the last time you felt the simple joy of flying your kite on a beautiful, breezy, sunny day? We have compiled a list of the best kite festivals and kite-flying events happening in and around Wichita that are sure to bring that joy to you again.

So, grab a kite and a friend and leave your cares at home!

Come Fly a Kite Event at Chapin Park

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A quick note: Since kite-flying events are held outdoors, there’s no telling when rain or bad weather will ruin our fun. For each event below, we’ve included links in the hopes that you can get updates in case the weather looks “iffy.” 😉 If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you may have to call the organization or click around on their pages to find a notice.

Kite fly in Chapin Park, Wichita

Kite Flying Events in Wichita

Don’t forget to share this list with your friends so they don’t miss out! If you know about any other kite-related events, please leave a comment below. We can’t wait to hear how much fun you have at these events!

Spring Kite Festivals near Wichita

March 23 Bel Aire Spring Festival 12-3 p.m.

April 27 Family Kite Flying Day 12-3 p.m. at Central Park, Andover, KS (Bring your own kites to this event.) More info

April 28 Prairie Hill Rootstock Festival, 1-5 p.m. in Colwich, KS $12

May 4 Come Fly a Kite in Chapin Park 12-4 p.m. 

May 18 Annual Coronado Heights Kite Fly 11-4 p.m. 3 miles NW of Lindsborg, KS (by Coronado Castle)

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