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Kansas Road Trip Travel Essentials


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From the Flint Hills to the sunflower fields, the waterfalls to the spectacular sunsets and beyond, Kansas is a beautiful state. There is so much to see and explore!

One of the great things about our state is that so much of it has been kept in its natural state or close to it. This makes for some great outdoor adventures. Of course, with outdoor adventures, that means we need to be prepared for anything, especially since many of these sites are in rural parts of the state where modern conveniences are not always easily accessible.

Below, I’ve put together my list of must-have Kansas travel essentials to help you make your trip even more enjoyable!

Photo credit: Mickey Shannon Buy this Print

And when you have your kit assembled, you’ll need some places to go! We have a whole section of getaways and day trips for you to browse.

Kansas Travel Essentials

Pack these items and keep them in your car so you’re Kansas road-trip ready at any time!

  • Baby Wipes: This traditional baby item works great for cleaning sticky hands and faces when there is no running water available.
  • Toilet Paper: Many rural tourist attractions in Kansas may have an outhouse type bathroom but they usually don’t have running water or t.p. so bring your own!
  • Hand Sanitizer: It goes without saying that this is the best way to purify your hands when there is no access to running water.
  • Bottled Water: You never want to be without water and there aren’t always stores or running water available.
  • Full Gas Tank: As you travel through different parts of the state away from the bigger cities, gas stations are sometimes few and far between. Make sure you leave home with a full gas tank.
  • Food: Stores may be hard to find so make sure you pack snacks and a picnic lunch while you’re out exploring.
  • Bug Spray: Warmer weather brings green grass and bugs! Make sure you bring bug spray to ward off mosquitoes and ticks.
  • Sunscreen: It’s best to apply sunscreen before you leave on your trip but bring it along to reapply as needed.
  • Hats: Not only do they protect your head from the sun, but they help keep ticks away too.
  • First Aid Kit: Have a well stocked first aid kit with bandages, antibacterial ointment and other essentials just in case there are any boo boos to mend.
  • Blanket: A blanket works great for an impromptu picnic or wrapping around a sleeping child.
  • Towels: They are a must have in case someone accidentally falls in a creek or river. They are also a must have if you are planning on swimming in the swimming area of one of our many lakes.
  • Kansas Road Map: As you travel rural Kansas, cell phone service can be spotty or missing all together at times. It’s always best to have a paper map just in case!
  • Plastic Bags/Trash Bags: These are a great multi-purpose item to have. They work great for collecting your trash, holding wet clothing items, making an impromptu rain poncho and so much more.
  • Life Jackets: If you are planning on going swimming or participating in any water activities, make sure you pack life jackets.
  • Travel Potty Chair: Obviously this is not a necessity for everyone, but it is a MUST if you are travelling with a toddler. Toddlers are finicky about restrooms as it is, but if they have to sit on an outhouse type toilet it can be a scary thing to them and cause quite the meltdown. It’s best to bring a compact potty chair that they are familiar with. It makes it a lot easier on everyone when “nature calls”.

This list of travel essentials is also great when you’re driving to barn sales and antique markets (which are often in rural areas), you-pick orchards, and citywide garage sales around the state.

Happy trails!

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Photos used with permission from Mickey Shannon Photography & Video.

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