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Introducing Cellfire

Using grocery coupons –finding, clipping, and keeping track of them–is exhausting work to me. I still do it, because it saves me money at the grocery store.

But I’m hoping beyond hope that the wave of the future is that all coupons are like Cellfire. You don’t have to snip, clip, or organize them. You just load them onto your Dillons (or other store) card and they just sit quietly until you need them or they expire. (And when they expire, you don’t have to throw them away! They just disappear! Wow!)

When you’re ready to go shopping, you can (if you want) print a list of the Cellfire coupons you have on your shopper’s card. This can be handy in case there are stipulations about the size, quantity, or variety of the discounted item. (Example: .30 off when you buy 6 Brand Y yogurts)

Probably the best thing is that Cellfire coupons work. I was suspicious of all that new-fangled technology at first, and so did a trial run when I first heard about them. I put a specific coupon on my shopper’s card, made sure to buy the exact quantity and kind required by the coupon, and then checked my receipt. It worked. Amazing. (On your receipt you should see the discount like this: Cfire …. – .75)

So now, in addition to my paper coupons I use Cellfire coupons. It’s as easy as handing the cashier my Dillons card. (I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Dillons. When you match coupons to a sale, the prices get pretty low.) The only drawback to Cellfire is that they won’t double.

Cellfire was meant to be used with cell phones, and you do have to have a cell phone number to sign up for the service. But I spend the majority of my time at my PC, so that’s how I load the coupons onto my shopper’s card. (If you have data service with your phone, you can also use Cellfire mobile coupons for things besides grocery.)

Since I use and like the service, I’ve signed up Wichita on the Cheap as a Cellfire affiliate. When new coupons come out, I might write a post letting you know about them. There will also be a nice banner here all the time you can scroll through to get your Cellfire coupons. If you see one you know you’ll use, download it right away, because like paper coupons, there are actually a limited number available. Heck, even if you aren’t sure you’d use it, I would get it anyway because they don’t take up any real space, and there are no limits to how many coupons you can add to your store card.

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