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How visit Tanganyika Wildlife Park for Free

Did you know you can visit the Goddard Public Library and check out Tanganyika passes for FREE? Yes, that’s true! You can visit the zoo entirely for free. This is a great resource and an opportunity to visit the animals. Another FUN FACT, you can also rent kindles, iFixIt kits, medical equipment, early literacy kits, wifi hotspots, movie binge bags, and more from the library. 

How to go to Tanganyika for Free

The details on how to Visit Tanganika for FREE:

  • Goddard Public Libray has two Tanganyika Wildlife Park passes with five feeder passes on each, available for checkout.  It is first come, first served, but they cannot guarantee specific dates.  
  • You must have a Goddard Library card. Click here to get one
  • You need to have a library card and get on the waiting list. 
  • They will call you when it’s your turn. 
  • Passes must be picked up within 48 hours after you have been called, or they move on to the next person. 
  • You can check them out for one week at a time. You can use it every day if you want during that week. 
  • Passes must be picked up and returned to the Goddard Public Library.
  • The passes for 5 people and 5 feeder passes. Enjoy this great DEAL!

Click here for the Godard Public Libray Website

Goddard Public Libray:

201 N Main St
Goddard, KS  67052

p. 316-794-8771

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