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Field Station Dinosaur Park in Derby

Field Station Dinosaurs is a one-of-a-kind prehistoric expedition featuring over 40 life-sized, moving, and realistic dinosaurs that are thrilling, educational, and fun!

Young visitors to the Field Station step into the shoes of budding scientists, poised to explore, question, and uncover secrets! Amidst the natural backdrop of native grasses lies a bustling scientific expedition, and every scientist-in-training requires their Credentials. Throughout their journey, children accumulate stamps in their Credentials by engaging in live shows presented by the expedition team, participating in daytime games, and completing trail activities. Once a child amasses 6 stamps, they ascend to the esteemed title of Super Paleontologist.

Field Station Dinosaurs Derby

What to Expect at Field Station Dinosaurs: 

  • 10-acres of walking trails featuring dinosaurs from different eras
  • Original live shows, games, and activities hosted by our Expedition Team
  • Meet The Mighty T-Rex – our juvenile tyrannosaurus rex
  • Fun at the Paleo Playground featuring yard games, an Observation Tower, and Jurassic Zoo Bouncers
  • Explore the Raptor Maze – featuring 3 hidden velociraptors
  • A round of Jurassic Golf on our 18-hole miniature golf course

Admission starts around $14. Admission and Hours for the Field Station. 

Field Station Dinosaurs presentation

Original live shows, games, and activities bring the history of dinosaurs to life for families in an adventurous way – leaving a sense of mystery, surprise and awe. The Expedition Team performs live content – ranging from 8 to 20 minutes long – all day long. You’ll be introduced to scientific theories and discussions through experiments with puppets, fun-focused competition, crowd participation, and even original, live songs.

The key to a successful expedition is your Trail Map and Expedition Schedule – which describes these crowd favorite shows, games and activities. The number of scheduled performances and the selection of shows varies each day.

Field Station Dinos

Day Passes Include:

  • Trail Pass – Your expedition begins with 10 acres of trails featuring 40+ moving and roaring true-to-size animatronic dinosaurs
  • Jurassic Golf – Each guest can enjoy a round of mini golf at the only dinosaur-themed 18 holes of mini-golf
  • Live shows, games and activities presented by our performers*
  • The Raptor Maze
  • Fossil Dig Site
  • Paleo Playground w/ Jurassic Bouncers

Location: 2999 N Rock Rd, Derby, KS 67037

Field Station Dinosaurs Mini Golf

With careful consideration of our location in the “Birthplace of Modern Paleontology”, our true-to-size dinosaurs include fan favorites – such as the T. rex, Triceratops, or Stegosaurus – and creatures which called the Great Plains home during the time of dinosaurs. Each towering dinosaur was brought to life through brilliant engineering and the creative imagination of numerous artists – both local and abroad. 

Field Station Dinosaurs Dinos

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