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Discounted Tickets to the Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Since I know a few people who are going, I thought other Wichitans might be interested in this tip from Kansas City on the Cheap on how to get discounted tickets for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.

Huzzah! (Whatever that means. :))

Of course, staying in town and going to the Great Plains RenFest is another way to save – and there’s a ticket discount for the RenFest too.

But the Kansas City Renaissance Festival continues into mid-October, so you can do both! Okay, on to the discounts…

First off, purchasing tickets in advance instead of waiting to buy them at the gate saves you up to $11 per ticket, so that’s a no-brainer.

There are also several variations of a Groupon deal for you to choose from. If you choose the family option, be sure to note how many adults and how many kids are included in this deal. It won’t work for every family, but if it fits your family it’s a good deal!

Each week you might have other discounts available. For many more ways to save on the Kansas City Renaissance Festival, visit KansasCityontheCheap.com here!



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