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Derby Shores Beach

Kansas is getting a manmade beach, and it’s right outside of Wichita. Derby, Kansas, is getting a $160 million dollar beach, ziplining, BMX, and more. This will be a destination for the Midwest. Derby Shores is a 4.5-acre lagoon with white sandy beaches, water sports, lounging, waterfront restaurants, waterslides, and more. This destination will be open to the public to enjoy.

What to Expect at the Derby Shores in Kansas:

  • Apartment complex and senior housing around the water
  • Ziplining and ropes course
  • BMX
  • Climbing facility
  • Lagoon and Hotel
  • Indoor water park
  • Waterfront restaurants
  • Big waterslides
  • Water sports
  • Glamping Site

This project is South Central Kansas’s most significant entertainment and tourism investment. It will start in the summer of 2024 and will take about two years to complete.

Location: This sandy beach development will be near Target in Derby at 63rd and Rock Road.

“We’re very excited about what this means for Derby; we’re excited for what this might mean for the future,” said Derby City Manager Kiel Mangus. 

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