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Auto Zone’s Loan-A-Tool service offers free tool rentals

(I first shared this article about borrowing tools from Auto Zone in the spring of 2017. I’m resharing it today to help home mechanics save money!)

I don’t know why I haven’t thought of writing about this before! This is a terrific way to save money on small or one-time auto repairs that you do on your own.

Tools can be very expensive. Unless it’s part of your trade, it’s not cost-effective for “do-it-yourself-ers” to buy tools for quick repair jobs around the house or on a car. See if you can borrow, rather than buy, the tool you need.

If you don’t have a handy neighbor to borrow from, look into Auto Zone’s Loan-A-Tool program. They keep a wide selection of seldom-used, expensive-to-own tools, including those you’ll need for steering and suspension work, air conditioning, engine repair, diagnostics, etc. There’s no need to pay for tools you need temporarily.

Using the FREE service is easy — just leave a deposit when you pick up a tool. When you’re done with the job, return it for a full refund of your deposit. You can borrow the tool for up to 90 days if you need it that long.

You can pick-up tools in-store or order them online. Thanks to the generous program, there’s no better reason to start “tooling around” the house and fixing those nagging repairs yourself.

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