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Castle Park in Augusta, KS is Now Open

Castle Park in Augusta, Kansas, is now open. This park has been a must-visit for years and is definitely worth the short drive from Wichita. Volunteers tore down the park and completely rebuilt it, making it even better. They had to tear it down due to termite damage a few years ago. Castle Park is now made of plastic composite wood, so all can enjoy it for many years to come. The park reopened in June of 2024.

What makes this Castle Park so special? For me, it’s the unique castle theme, unlike any other park I’ve visited. I also love that the park is next to the beautiful Augusta City Lake. The lake spans approximately 190 acres with four miles of accessible shoreline. Visitors can enjoy fishing, boating, kayaking, biking, and jogging in this picturesque setting.

Next to Castle Park and the Lake is the Robert Shryock Splash Pad. This water park has a fairytale-themed play area with water baskets you can run under, shoot water out of dragons, and more. It is usually open from Memorial Day in May to the second Monday in September and is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and it’s FREE!

Pro Tip: This is one of my favorite splash pads because it has big umbrellas to provide shade, and you can enjoy the beautiful view of Augusta City Lake. Visit our list of Splash Pads in and around Wichita.

There’s also a fantastic play area for the little ones, and I really appreciate that it’s fenced in for their safety.

Location: 113 E. 6th St. Augusta, KS – Castle Park and the Splash Pad share a parking lot.

Cost of the new Castle Park: The Castle Park Team shattered the fundraising roof with over $470,000 in donations!! Their original goal was $300,000, but with a growing budget, they exceeded their expectations. Thank you to the City Council who voted to add an additional $300,000 plus any surface expenses that might exceed the initial budget.

Castle Park Project Facebook Page

Previous Article When They Shut Down Castle Park: 

We have some sad news to share. The park in Augusta, KS, Play Park Pointe, also called Castle Park, is torn down. We found this out after my Mother-in-Law drove to Augusta to take our daughter and our nephew to the park. It was our nephew’s favorite park when he was younger. They were shocked when they got to the park’s location and according to our nephew – it disappeared. So we did some digging to see why the park was torn down. 

The city council started the demolition of Play Park Poite in April of 2022.

Why did they tear it down? The support beams were rotting from termites. The City got bits to rebuild it, but the cost would be $496,646.00. The city spent over $120,00 in the last five years, and it was opened to maintain the playground. 

“The City of Augusta recognized the value of this playground, and hopefully, someday, they can rebuild it with different materials instead of wood.” I wrote this a few years ago, and they did!! Its Back Open! 

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