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Augusta Play Park Pointe also called Castle Park is Closed

We have some sad news to share. The park in Augusta, KS, Play Park Pointe, also called Castle Park, is torn down. We found this out after my Mother-in-Law drove to Augusta to take our daughter and our nephew to the park. It was our nephew’s favorite park when he was younger. They were shocked when they got to the park’s location and according to our nephew – it disappeared. So we did some digging to see why the park was torn down. 

Play Pointe Park Castle Park in Augusta, KS

The city council started the demolition of Play Park Poite in April of 2022.

Why did they tear it down? The support beams were rotting from termites. The City got bits to rebuild it, but the cost would be $496,646.00. The City did spend over $120,00 in the last five years it was opened to maintain the playground. 

The City of Agusta recognized the value of this playground, and hopefully, someday, they can rebuild it with different materials instead of wood. 

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