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$2 Off Coupon for Pork Loin

Pork Loin Cuts - $2 off coupon for pork loin


I was so excited to find a coupon for $2 off pork loin in my inbox today. (And just when I was gathering coupons for my grocery list for the week.) It came in the Kansas Pork Association’s Quick Bites Newsletter I subscribe to.

If you’re already a subscriber, check your inbox for the email. If you aren’t a subscriber, it isn’t too late. Just follow this link and subscribe to the Kansas Quick Bite Newsletter to get your printable $2 coupon. (It’s only good for Kansas residents.)

This is good on the larger cut of meat called a pork loin or a pork loin roast — not on pork tenderloin, which is a much smaller cut. You can cut it into chops or ribs, or just roast it whole like I usually do.

It’s easy to make, but you’ll look like a great cook: Rub it with your choice of spices and pop it into the oven until it reads 145 degrees on a meat thermometer. Let it rest at least 3 minutes and serve. (These are new temperature guidelines, approved by the USDA. Most recipes will say 160.)

I’ve found two recipes – one for the oven and one for the grill – that are similar to how I’ve cooked pork loin in the past:

The Rubbed and Grilled Pork Loin recipe actually comes from a restaurant in my hometown that is THE bbq place all the locals love. It’s probably going to be warm enough this weekend to grill, so check it out if you like barbecue.

The other one, Savory Pork Roast, uses the oven (and that Marjoram in your spice rack). It’s absolutely delicious.

Most pork loins are large enough that you’ll have leftovers, so you might want to find a pork fried rice recipe for the next day. I make it with brown rice and I use enough leftover cut-up pork loin that it is a main dish for us. If you’ve never made fried rice, don’t be intimidated! If I can make it, I assure you that you can. It’s easy, and with lean pork, brown rice, and vegetables, it’s even pretty healthy.

Don’t forget to get your $2 off coupon first.

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