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Yokohama Ramen Joint $5 anniversary special

Chicken paiton ramen — yep, $5!

How long has Wichita been enjoying ramen at Yokohama Ramen Joint? It’s been two years already, and that’s good enough reason for the owners to launch a celebration.

So on April 24, ramen noodle lovers can relive their memories of this affordable food staple—this time, with more flavor, no doubt—for just $5 per dish. Doesn’t matter what kind you order—vegan, gluten-free, seafood shio —it’s still $5 . You can order in, carry out, or have it delivered to your front door (uh, desk?) and you’re still going to pay only $5 on this anniversary.

That’s anywhere from a $4 to $6 savings, depending on your choice.

There’s a reason USA Today singled out Yokohama Ramen Joint as best ramen restaurant in Kansas. At this price, check out more than one dish on the menu!

Yokohama Ramen Joint
613 W. Douglas Ave., (316) 260-7031
Open 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.

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