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Wichita Public Library Viewing Lists

So, you’re wondering what to watch when you’ve watched everything. You’ve already watched and re-watched all of your favorite movies, because what else is there to do in 2020? You need something new, something fresh (because watching the Back to the Future movies for the 6th time really isn’t going to cut it.)

wichita public library recommeded viewing list

The Wichita Public Library now has personalized viewing lists. 

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Before you can get your list you have to answer some questions first, such as:

  • Name
  • Library Card number (Library cards are free, if you don’t already have one)
  • Age 
  • Date released preference (new, old, classic, etc.)
  • Rating preference (PG, etc.)
  • Focus area (Family friendly, etc.)

Once you have filled out the form online they will send you a list of movies they have available to borrow that fit within the parameters that you set in your form.

This is a completely free service, and borrowing the movies is free too!

Get your personalized viewing list here. Also check out the personalized reading list while you’re at it!

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