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The Wichita WATER Center

Is Permanently Closed

The Wichita WATER Center is a hands-on learning experience for kids and adults, complete with an aquarium.

The Wichita Area Treatment, Education & Remediation (W.A.T.E.R.) Center opened October 16, 2003.  The Center serves as a treatment facility for the Gilbert-Mosley and the North Industrial Corridor Groundwater Remediation Programs as well as a public education resource. 

Wichita Water Center

It all starts when polluted groundwater from the central corridor of the City is pumped from 14 groundwater extraction wells and 11.5 miles of pipeline to terminate at the remediation building that is in the middle of the WATER Center Plaza located in the center of Herman Hill Park.  The polluted groundwater is then remediated by a hydraulic venturi air stripper treatment system which removes “solvents” from the water.  Once cleaned of the solvents, the remediated groundwater is then pumped through the fountains, aquariums and creek that is part of the WATER Center Plaza; allowing the public and nature to take advantage of revitalized water source. 

Resources that the WATER Center offers:

  • Unique architecture echoing concentric circles like those created by drops of water.
  • Reflective poetry expressing the value and “Life of Water”.
  • Natural kept water pools and fountains.
  • 11,000-gallon Native Fish Observatory.
  • Xero-Scape gardens containing flowering bushes and perennial plants that attached butterflies, bees and birds.
  • Rain Gardens and Pervious Pavement Demonstration.
  • A 1/2 mile long paved, creek-side trail with educational signs that terminates at the Arkansas River.
  • Informaiton is from Wichita.gov website. 

?Because the WATER Center Plaza is located inside a city park, the outdoor resources offered by the WATER Center are available to the public during normal park operation hours.   

The center is located in Herman Hill Park (at the corner of Pawnee & Broadway), 101 E. Pawnee in Wichita.

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