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Halloween Candy Buy-Back

It’s the time of cavities and calories! Looking for a way to avoid the temptation of all that extra Halloween candy your kids will bring home again this year? Turn it into cash with the Halloween Candy Buy-Back program.

Participating dentists across the country will pay in cash, coupons, toothbrushes, or other barter-able goods and services. Then they’ll send the candy to U.S. troops deployed in dangerous assignments.

The Health and Wellness Coalition of Wichita has some smart tips that will let kids (and grown-ups) enjoy the holiday without going overboard.

To prevent children from candy-gorging and stop the candy tug-of-war:

  1. Eat a full meal before trick-or-treating. (See our list of Halloween restaurant deals here.) Full from a healthy dinner, children will have less room in their stomachs to gorge on candy.
  2. Pick a few favorite candy pieces and get rid of the rest. Teach kids the importance of moderation and the value of giving back. Donate the rest of your candy to American troops through programs like www.HalloweenCandyBuyBack.com.
  3. Set a “treat time” post-Halloween. Eating candy should not be an all-day feast. Set a candy-eating time after a big meal for a few days after Halloween until all the candy is gone. This also stops everyday begging for candy and continual searching around the house to find the hidden candy.
  4. Give trinkets instead of candy. Model healthy behavior by passing out bubbles, Halloween stickers, bouncy balls, crayons, or other toys found at discount or dollar stores.
  5. Don’t let Halloween be the only time you walk the neighborhood together. Adults and children today do not get enough activity. “Practice” your route with a walk in advance and remember to wear reflective gear to make sure you can be seen.

“Halloween is a fun time for the young and old, but not a reason to forget about healthy eating and being active,” said Becky Tuttle, member of the Health & Wellness Coalition of Wichita. “Commit to walking an extra 15 minutes for every treat you eat on Halloween.”

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