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Gift for Photographers: Coffee Mug that Looks Like a Camera Lens

These coffee mugs that look like camera lenses are the bomb! We have one and it always causes us to do a double-take when we see it in the sink because it looks so realistic. (My lens! In the sink!!)

These camera lens coffee mugs have been around for a while but I still love them. I also love that they’re available at Amazon.com (because Prime = almost instant gratification). Browse different styles (Nikon, Canon, and more) in a range of prices, and read reviews here:


Camera Lens Coffee Mugs at Amazon.com

One thing you will probably want to look for if you’re shopping for a travel mug is that it has a slide on top that lets you drink while the lid is closed. Apparently some of the camera lens mugs don’t have that feature.

This one looks like it does:

And this one:

A camera lens coffee mug would make a great gift for any photographer in your life. Maybe someday they’ll make some that look like mirrorless lenses, but for now the most popular camera lens coffee cups are shaped like DSLR lenses.

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