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Fun Family Games for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! This is the time to spend quality time with loved ones and celebrating everything that you are grateful for. Not only do you want to make room for all you can eat, but you want to make sure the family is entertained. In this list you will find several creative (and inexpensive) Thanksgiving games to play with your family!


  • Thanksgiving Bingo- Get the whole family in on playing a fun game of Bingo


  • Shake Your Tail FeathersA game for all ages to keep the laughs going.
    • Supplies: Empty tissue box, A Bag of feathers, string
    • Instructions: Cut a piece of string long enough to tie around your waist. Tape the string to the middle of the bottom part of an empty tissue box. Put some feathers in an empty tissue box. Tie around your waist so the box is on your lower back. Finally, start jumping and moving around to shake the feathers out of the box. The first person to get all of the feathers out first, wins the game.

Family Fun Games for Thanksgiving

  • Word ScrambleA word scramble allows your family to use their brain to figure out what the word is supposed to be.


  •  Guess How Many “Turkey Toes” are in the Jar- Use a old can a put in candy corn in it for a guessing game
    • Supplies: Candy corn, a jar, and pieces of scratch paper.
    • Instructions: Give each family member a piece of paper for them to guess how many “turkey toes” are in the jar and the winner gets to keep the jar of candy corn.


  • Scavenger HuntThe best way to burn some calories after a big meal is to get moving. Place miscellaneous fall items hidden around the house or random things you would find in the yard.
    •  Supplies: Brown paper bags and a list of items
    • Instructions: Write a list of items on the bag for family members to find around the house or outside in the yard.


  • Feather FloatA simple (and funny) way to get your family to be competitive by blowing a feather in the air as long as they can.
    • Supplies: A Bag of feather
    • Instructions: Keep the feather floating in the air as long as possible by only using your mouth.


 Have a Safe and Fun Thanksgiving from your Friends at Wichita on the Cheap! 


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