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FREE Young Eagles Flights for Kids Ages 8-17 in Wichita, KS and Vicinity


Child dreaming of flying, being a pilot, aviation - Free young eagles flights for kids in wichita

Does your child have his or her head in the clouds? Now the rest of their body can join them on a FREE flight designed just for kids.

For more than 25 years, the EAA Young Eagles program has been giving children ages 8-17 the opportunity to fly for FREE.  According to the website, “It’s the only program of its kind, with the sole mission to introduce and inspire kids in the world of aviation.”  This nationwide program has given over 2 million children the chance to fly.

The flight experience will last approximately 20 minutes.  Before the flight begins, the pilot will explain what will happen during the flight. He or she may also talk about the airplane, review an aeronautical chart (map), and complete a careful “walk-around” preflight inspection of the airplane. The pilot will also explain the interior of the plane including the instrument panel and safety belts. Once in the air, the child may even have the opportunity to take the controls for a little bit!  Once back on the ground, the child be able to ask the pilot more questions about flying and the airplane itself. They will also receive an official Young Eagles logbook with a personal code to activate a free EAA Student Membership and Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course.

This program wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the dedicated team of volunteer pilots and generous donors. To learn more about the program, watch the video below.

In the Wichita area, the EAA Young Eagle Flights are usually combined with a fly-in, open house and a breakfast as long as the weather permits.

What is a Fly-In?

A fly-in is when a group of pilots fly in to a particular air field to meet up to socialize. For any aviation enthusiast, this is a great opportunity to see a variety of airplanes as well as have the chance to visit with pilots and learn more about the aviation industry.

Since the fly-in activities are usually held outdoors, bring lawn chairs, blankets, sunscreen, bug spray, water and food. These events are come and go and tend to last a better part of the day, so it’s best to be prepared for all situations. Sometimes the fly-ins will include a meal for purchase, but I would bring food, snacks and something to drink just in case they run out or there isn’t food available at the particular event you are attending.

How to Schedule/Find a Young Eagles Flight

To find out when the next EAA Young Eagles event will be held, see the upcoming dates below or visit the EAA Chapter 88 Young Eagles Facebook page.
If you are ready to schedule a flight, but don’t live in the Wichita area, click on this link to find a location near you. Remember, “the sky’s the limit!”

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