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FREE: WIBA Wichita Small Business expo on Thursday

The Wichita Independent Business Association will be hosting a FREE small business expo in celebration of National Small Business Week April 30 through May 6. It will be held at the Boathouse on Thursday morning, May 4, 2017.

The expo is called Wichita Small Business Connect, and will include speakers, exhibitors, and networking with other local business people.

The featured workshop will be on “Leverage Google to grow your business,” presented by Susan Armstrong of Armstrong Chamberlain.

Other workshops during the morning cover these topics:

  • Your elevator pitch is worth your weight in gold
  • The buying and selling of small businesses
  • Network security tips for small businesses
  • 10 ways to improve receivables
  • Building and maintaining a clientele
  • Benefits from your business
  • and more

This looks like a really valuable time of networking and learning, and it’s all for free. Be sure to check out the Wichita Small Business Connect Facebook event page to learn more.

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